The Sorting Hat
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The Sorting Hat

Which of the four Hogwarts Houses do you belong in?

Question 1:Upon receiving the acceptance to Hogwarts, you:
Felt oddly responsible and adult. Going to Hogwarts meant so many new responsibilities to uphold...
Became very excited about all the new stuff you were going to learn.
Yawned widely. You had to go away to school eventually, I suppose.
Jumped for joy and threw a huge party.

Question 2:At platform 9 and 3/4, you are most likely to be seen:
Sneering at all the Muggles distainfully.
Giving the newer students a lecture on the charm which makes the barrier work...
Cracking a few jokes as you stroll around with your friends, talking about the new year at Hogwarts.
Helping the younger, newer students get through the barrier.

Question 3:Hand-me down clothes and books...what do you think?
As long as I have my books, I fail to see the problem.
Well, they're somewhat worn, but at least they were worn in by people you love and trust.
Well, it can be a little embarrassing, but really...who in their right mind cares?!
*sneers distainfully* I suppose OTHER families who can't give their kids the best are grateful for them.

Question 4:Wandless magic is...
Something too complicated for mere Mudbloods to easily grasp.
In theory, it's possible, but really, in practice it's much more difficult if you practice magic without your wand...
Fine, I guess. I'll stick to the traditional wand magic, though.
... ... ... *blinks* What about it? That's not going to be on a test, is it?

Question 5:Potions class is...
A traditional course for young wizards to study.
Very useful. After all, we'll be drafting potions our entire lives, so we need to have the skills for it.
Hell on earth! Let me out of this dungeon, already!
Your favorite class, hands down.

Question 6:Mudblood!
*laughs in amusement*
*eyes widen in astonishment that anyone would actually USE that term toward another person*
*furiously whips out broken wand*

Question 7:How many times a month do you get sent to Madam Pomfrey?
Oh, I hardly ever get sent there. Maybe once or twice for a cold throughout the year.
*smirks* I'm the one SENDING people there, you fool!
Once or twice a month, maybe.
I feel as though it's a second Hogwarts household to me, for all that I'm always there...

Question 8:Pureblood families are...
...what? What are you on about, anyway? Like it matters!
Dwindling in the wizard world. Wizards have had to intermarry with Muggles just to survive!
...the only true wizarding families left. Filthy mudbloods are ruining us all with their taint!
Fine, I long as family sticks together, that's what matters most.

Question 9:Would you ever use a forbidden curse?
Are you MAD?!
Of course not!
*smirks, not saying anything*

Question 10:You think Dumbledore is...
The greatest wizard ever!
He's very wise and thoughtful. He knows how to make good decisions.
An incompetent old fool who won't let his students learn the Dark Arts, even.
A proper wizard who looks after the welfare of all wizards within the wizarding community.

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