The Sorting Hat
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The Sorting Hat


Question 1:A menacing wizard raises his wand to you, preparing to strike. You do not know what the spell he intends to do is, for you raise your wand and strike first, yelling

Question 2:What position are you best at during Quidditch?

Question 3:What candy appeals to you the most?
Sugar Quills
Pumpkin Pastries
Canary Creams

Question 4:Which place would be the most interesting to explore?
Gordirc's Hollow
The Ministry Of Magic
Queerditch Marsh
The Burrow

Question 5:Now, for personality-type questions. Answer to the best of your ability. What did you think of the last four questions?

Question 6:So, you've got a free period at school, but are stuck in the library. What do you do?
Chat up some of the other students there.

Question 7:Alright, say you then found out that you were suppose to be taking at important exam during that supposed free period. You scored a 0. What do you do?
Confront your teacher and explain your situation.
Do nothing. One mark won't effect your grades.
Demand a retest.
Work extra hard to make up for the loss.

Question 8:Imagine your luck! Your teacher decides to allow you to take the test during lunch the following day. What do you do in preparation?
Ask your friends how the test was, depending on their answer, study or not.
Ask your friends what was on the test.
Briefly glance at your notes before class.
Study so hard your eyes hurt.

Question 9:Whoo! You scored 100% on that test...who do you brag to first?
Your parents.
No one. You keep it to yourself.
Your best friends.

Question 10:Your teacher takes 15% of your grade when she finds out you scored 100! Why, oh why?
Because she hates you and is probably plotting your death.
It was the fair thing to do-you had an extra study day.
Because she found out you cheated.
Because she thinks she smarter then you.

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