Sorting Hat
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Sorting Hat

A test to tell you what Hogwarts House you're in without making it obvious. Are you a wise Ravenclaw? A brave Gryffindor? A hard-working Hufflepuff? Or are you a clever Slytherin? Find out!

Question 1:   Let's suppose you’re in school (not college). It's morning and you miss the bus due to setting your alarm wrong. You...
I'd planned on getting up then anyway.
Oh no, I haven't done my homework! I'll do it at lunch!
Rush, panic, and get done at just the same time! That wasn't too bad.
I'm never going to make it! I'll just look ill and get the day off.

Question 2:   You make the bus. Then you notice what homework you do have you have had fallen on the floor and was now wet and trapled on. You think...
You figure it'll make a great joke. The teacher will understand.
Well this is perfect. Could be worse. It could be a perfect day, something would be bound to go wrong.
It’s not so bad! You wipe it off as best you can and smile at it. At least you found it!
That's no good! No one can ready that! You search for a pen to rewrite it.

Question 3:   So there’s a math test, you’re thinking...
Oh, please let me pass! I’ll never sneak my vegetables to the dog again! Please!
I tried my best at studying, that and the curve will let me pass...I hope.
Nothing. Another test, why would I be thinking anything in particular?
Nothing, I’ll ace it. This is so boring.

Question 4:   So you’re at lunch. You’re at a table where none of your normal friends are at, since there wasn’t enough room. One of the people at your table has forgotten their lunch, whereas you have $10...
Give it to them willfully, you’re free anyway.
Give them enough for a milk and chips. Then you make them sign a paper in front of others so as to make them give the money back soon.
Don’t give it over, but share bits of your lunch your willing to sacrifice! And it’s not only the stuff they say is broccoli. Anything for someone else.
Forget it! I don’t know them...this money is for my lunches.

Question 5:   You see the new kid isn’t the most popular kid around. What do you do?
You introduce him/her into the your group, and encourage him/her to hang with you and your friends.
There’s a new kid? Well he’s certainly odd, vulnerable, this could be fun to show him around. And if he’s material enough, it wouldn’t be bad to have a new member in your group.
You don’t have him in any classes, and you can’t spare any extra time, however you take a moment or two to point out someone who’s in their class who would.
Talk to him or her as though you'd known him/her all your life. Joke around, and soon they're feeling right at home with you.

Question 6:   So, how did you get that odd/annoying song from music out of your head by the end of the day?
It was by accident, I was in band/choir and got one of them stuck in my heads, which is an improvement, since it doesn’t stick as hard.
Songs are always popping into and out of my head randomly, and after a few had popped, a particularly strong one, I forgot how it went.
I imagined the words disappearing from the song, and then I imagined breaking the instrument - silence is my favorite sound.
After concentrating on that book/test, it was taken out of my head. My head always plunges into silence as I think.

Question 7:   So, how's your day gone?
Great! It started out bad, but things are looking up.
I consider it good. Of course, it was a bit dreary, but something overly good has to go wrong.
Very well, it's been a bit interesting and a break from the normal - that's always a good thing.
Same as always...that's good isn't it?

Question 8:   So, what's your favorite subject?
Um, social studies?
Study hall, you've got your own time in which you can choose how you use...
Math, straight forward, yet challenging.
Language arts! No reign over your own mind, and you can explore the possibilities forever.

Question 9:   What's your least favorite thing to do?
Sit around with nothing to do but listen to the silence.
Sleep! It wastes way too much time!

Question 10:   Favorite book? (Excluding Harry Potter of course!)
The Baby-Sitters!
Treasure Island.
Anything...preferably non-fiction.
No preference.

Question 11:   Favorite month?

Question 12:   Ok, since the Sorting Hat is based strongly on decisions, where do you not want to be placed?

This Quiz has been designed by Sarah Stepp.