The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?

Everyone who's watched or read the Harry Potter movies or books will know all about the sorting hat. This magical headgear places the Hogwarts student into a house that's the best fit for his or her qualities and choices. Here's my sorting hat quiz - try it now and find out which house you'd be in!

  • 1
    You are very late for Professor Snape's potions class, and you are hurrying down the empty halls of Hogwarts in a rush to get there. You notice there are two boys picking on a first-year Hufflepuff, who is defenseless against them. What do you do?
  • 2
    Your best friend has just ventured into the Forbidden Forest after you told her not to. A couple minutes later, you hear a horrible shriek. Your friend sounds like she's in severe danger. What do you do?
  • 3
    It's a beautiful day at Hogwarts and you have the whole day free. What would you do in your spare time?
    It's a beautiful day at Hogwarts and you have the whole day free. What would you do in your spare time?

  • 4
    What would be your favorite class at Hogwarts?
  • 5
    You are on your way to your common room and notice that your friend must have dropped their diary on the way to class. What do you do?
  • 6
    If you could be a professor at Hogwarts, who would you be?

  • 7
    Who is your favorite character?
  • 8
    Like Harry, you come across a book marked the property of the Half Blood Prince. What do you do?
  • 9
    If you could turn into an animal, which would it be?
  • 10
    What would you like to be when you grow up?

Comments (400)


586 days ago
this is pretty noice, its great actually
834 days ago
i think i got huffel puff
834 days ago
this was fun i dont really watch harry potter BuTt this was soo fun and ill start watching it😬😅
911 days ago
I got 80% Slytherin! #IloveDRACO!!
971 days ago
I haven’t submitted my qiuz yet but I’m athletic I play club volleyball I’m mostly brave in everything I do and I stand up for what’s right. If I have something to say I will say it
1023 days ago
they said i'm a hufflepuff no biggie i love love cats!
1075 days ago
I love this quiz I recommend you try it out like I did I gave it 5 stars
1085 days ago
I got 80 procent slytherin 😳
1090 days ago
They said im a hufflepuff CEDRIC here i come
1103 days ago
Haii I got Slytherin I tried a lot of quiz and I only go to Slytherin and I’m also a pure blood I got it on a quiz too soo baiii mud bloods.
1104 days ago
Omg I luv draco so much xD ima Slytherin I’m happy
1106 days ago
Oh my i love draco so much and im in slytherin :)
1135 days ago
Some test say im a ravenclaw and some say hufflepuff. I got 50% Ravenclaw. Why though?
1140 days ago
I got 70% Hufflepuff
1140 days ago
I got 30% Ravenclaw and 30% hufflepuff
1140 days ago
I wanted Griffindor but I got Hufflepuff its also good
1158 days ago
I wanted Griffindor, but instead, I got two choices Ravenclaw or Slytherin
1170 days ago
i am yellow house
1208 days ago
I placed Hufflepuff, wasn't entirely sure what to expect so I took the test out of curiosity & because of a youtube video with streamers talking about this subject.
1233 days ago
I'm In Slytherin house