Hogwarts House Sorting: Personality Archetypes

This is a test about your Hogwarts house - but it's about far more than just a group or a building you'll be in. It's your personality archetype! And it's FASCINATING! Try my quiz now. And please share it with friends who might enjoy it!

  • 1
    You enter the Great Hall, and your name is called. You sit on a chair and, as you wear the hat, you think:
    You enter the Great Hall, and your name is called. You sit on a chair and, as you wear the hat, you think:
  • 2
    The hat listens to your thoughts - and responds!

    "Interesting...and you think good things should be..."
  • 3
    "I see," responds the Sorting Hat. "And as good and bad, you think of..."

  • 4
    "Very interesting! And you trust the most when you..."
  • 5
    "I see. And you find power..."
  • 6
    "Very well. And love, you say, is..."

  • 7
    "Oh...yes...I do understand. Tell me...what do you worry about most?"
  • 8
    "I see...What IS the most important?"
  • 9
    "I see....And what is money?"
  • 10
    "Very interesting. You see, I do take into account your personal preference, so I'll ask you this: What do you wish to obtain during your studies at Hogwarts?"

  • 11
    "Oh! Of course....I can see....But IS there right and wrong?"
  • 12
    "Hmm. Complete this statement: “I learn ______.”
  • 13
    "Interesting. I see. And you handle your suffering with _____."
  • 14
    "Of course. Yes...very interesting. And you have a strong internal need to _________"?
  • 15
    "Oh, yes. And what are you most annoyed by?"
  • 16
    "I see. And in a conflict, what would you rather do?"

  • 17
    "Hmm...I see. And what is your favorite type of intelligence?"
  • 18
    "I understand. Very interesting, indeed. And your favorite type of bravery?"
  • 19
    "I see...and to what are you ultimately loyal?"
  • 20
    "Of course. And I can see you see ambition as..."

  • 21
    "I understand...oh, yes. And when it comes to other people, I see you’d like to know how to better..."
  • 22
    "Oh...yes. And how competitive are you?"
  • 23
    "Ha! Of course. Very interesting! Now, this: If you could fix one world problem, what would it be?"
  • 24
    "I see...and what is your hardest inner struggle?"
  • 25
    "That sounds difficult. So tell me, what are 'rules' to you?"
  • 26
    "Very interesting, yes....And to solve a problem, you employ..."

  • 27
    "Ah. Well. I can see you’d most rather be seen as..."
  • 28
    "Now, tell me how you’d describe your favorite role model..."
  • 29
    "Other people’s ignorance is..."
  • 30
    "I see you invest your energy and attention with..."

  • 31
    "Hmm...I can see your most common method of self-defense is to..."
  • 32
    "And you clearly believe life favors the most..."
  • 33
    "Of course. And in a group, you prefer to be..."
  • 34
    "Interesting....Now, how do you feel about the unknown?"
  • 35
    "And how do you feel about danger?"
  • 36
    "I see....Truly, you secretly crave..."
  • 37
    "I can finally see how you are truly moved by..."

Comments (110)


Wow! I got 30% 🐦Ravenclaw! Also 21% 🐍Slytherin! I didn't expect Slytherin but not 🐅Gryffindor..... But it's still fun!undefined
6 days ago
where is the submit button
11 days ago
I got ravenclaw but I am not smart or anything my first test I got hufflepuff so I think I am going to stick with that. Hufflepuff is my favorite
27 days ago
Of course im in Slytherin... :))
31 days ago
Wait what? 1st time Hufflepuff ,2nd time Griffindor? Unfair.
I WANT HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
32 days ago
Go Hufflepuff! Awsome.
33 days ago
I am a born Slytherin
50 days ago
30% Ravenclaw, 27% Slytherin, 22% Hufflepuff, 22% Gryffindor.
Fits my expectations, though I consider myself more Hufflepuff than it seems, but I'm definitely not all that brave or something Gryffindor related.
A good quizz in general, and interesting as it shows of the other house percentages (and it really shows of my mixed personality as well).
51 days ago
I got raven claw, I am not smart nor intelligent so I am actually quite surprised.
59 days ago
gryffindor? i need to take this again
66 days ago
I'm Ravenclaw
66 days ago
Well well I got Ravenclaw I knew this will happen wow
79 days ago
i got slytherin nice i love the color green lol
83 days ago
I got all of them, but I'm mostly Hufflepuff.
98 days ago
Huh I got Slytherin not a surprise though...
107 days ago
Don’t fear me, I’m just a little ambitious, but I got slytherin...
108 days ago
I got 35 % Gryffindor and 32% Slytherin I knew it hehe
130 days ago
37 or so questions to find out that I am 32% gryffindor, 30% slytherin and equal amounts the rest. This was a very good and well- researched test but.......... I wish that it would have given me just one result! Although it is nice to see what part the other houses I am. Please make more great tests like this Sofia- this was really the best online test that I have ever done for fun!!!!!!
149 days ago
I got Gryffindor:) 🦁
152 days ago
I really DO NOT understand this quiz!! I mean it gave me 30% Gryffindor, 19% Ravenclaw, 22% Slytherin and the rest Hufflepuff. I don't understand how I am in Slytherin!!! I mean I do like to beat everyone else but not ALL THE TIME!!!! :(