Hogwarts House Sorting: Personality Archetypes

This is a test about your Hogwarts house - but it's about far more than just a group or a building you'll be in. It's your personality archetype! And it's FASCINATING! Try my quiz now. And please share it with friends who might enjoy it!

- by Sofia Euthymiou

  • 1
    You enter the Great Hall, and your name is called. You sit on a chair and, as you wear the hat, you think:
    You enter the Great Hall, and your name is called. You sit on a chair and, as you wear the hat, you think:
  • 2
    The hat listens to your thoughts - and responds!

    "Interesting...and you think good things should be..."
  • 3
    "I see," responds the Sorting Hat. "And as good and bad, you think of..."

  • 4
    "Very interesting! And you trust the most when you..."
  • 5
    "I see. And you find power..."
  • 6
    "Very well. And love, you say, is..."

  • 7
    "Oh...yes...I do understand. Tell me...what do you worry about most?"
  • 8
    "I see...What IS the most important?"
  • 9
    "I see....And what is money?"
  • 10
    "Very interesting. You see, I do take into account your personal preference, so I'll ask you this: What do you wish to obtain during your studies at Hogwarts?"

  • 11
    "Oh! Of course....I can see....But IS there right and wrong?"
  • 12
    "Hmm. Complete this statement: “I learn ______.”
  • 13
    "Interesting. I see. And you handle your suffering with _____."
  • 14
    "Of course. Yes...very interesting. And you have a strong internal need to _________"?
  • 15
    "Oh, yes. And what are you most annoyed by?"
  • 16
    "I see. And in a conflict, what would you rather do?"

  • 17
    "Hmm...I see. And what is your favorite type of intelligence?"
  • 18
    "I understand. Very interesting, indeed. And your favorite type of bravery?"
  • 19
    "I see...and to what are you ultimately loyal?"
  • 20
    "Of course. And I can see you see ambition as..."

  • 21
    "I understand...oh, yes. And when it comes to other people, I see you’d like to know how to better..."
  • 22
    "Oh...yes. And how competitive are you?"
  • 23
    "Ha! Of course. Very interesting! Now, this: If you could fix one world problem, what would it be?"
  • 24
    "I see...and what is your hardest inner struggle?"
  • 25
    "That sounds difficult. So tell me, what are 'rules' to you?"
  • 26
    "Very interesting, yes....And to solve a problem, you employ..."

  • 27
    "Ah. Well. I can see you’d most rather be seen as..."
  • 28
    "Now, tell me how you’d describe your favorite role model..."
  • 29
    "Other people’s ignorance is..."
  • 30
    "I see you invest your energy and attention with..."

  • 31
    "Hmm...I can see your most common method of self-defense is to..."
  • 32
    "And you clearly believe life favors the most..."
  • 33
    "Of course. And in a group, you prefer to be..."
  • 34
    "Interesting....Now, how do you feel about the unknown?"
  • 35
    "And how do you feel about danger?"
  • 36
    "I see....Truly, you secretly crave..."
  • 37
    "I can finally see how you are truly moved by..."

Comments (130)


4 days ago
This is the order of my houses -
Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor
6 days ago
I am a Slytherin . :DDD
14 days ago
Slytherin! Yay best house 🐍
20 days ago
I am Ravenclaw! It's accurate and I am so shocked that I'm kind of Slytherin in the second place which is not true. But I'm pleased because Ravenclaw is my favourite house and, at the first time, on Wizarding World I got its. I was wondering if I'm Hufflepuff but now when I've read description it doesn't fit me so probably no.
35 days ago
I got Gryffindor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I was hoping for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
56 days ago
96 days ago
43% Ravenclaw, 35% Hufflepuff, 14% Gryffindor and 8% Slytherin.
OK an unmotivated Ravenclaw.
104 days ago
Gryffindor and hufflepuff ❤️❤️❤️❤️
115 days ago
I am a huffleclaw, but hufflepuff basically. I like this test its coooooool long but accurate : ) with the thing how the sorting hat projects images into your mind was very correct GO HUFFLEPUFFS! and ravenclaws!
121 days ago
RAVENCLAW!! ;) hehehehfhehe
123 days ago
128 days ago
70% Gryffindor,my dad's gonna be mad!At least I'm 30% Slytherin.
149 days ago
Huffelpuff! the sorting hat never lies
169 days ago
41% Ravenclaw, 22% Slytherin, 22% Gryffindor, 10% Hufflepuff. No surprising hhhh.
189 days ago
100% Slytherin, I was expecting this. it's the same since I was 3 years old
197 days ago
@Hello? I'm Gryffindor too. So you are not the only one!

75% Gryffindor, and 25% Ravenclaw.
206 days ago
Hufflepuff that sounds like me 😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀
206 days ago
well from these comments i can really tell i am the only Gryffindor here
212 days ago
100% ravenclaw!!!!!
220 days ago
33% Gryffindor, 30% Ravenclaw, 27% Slytherin 10% Hufflepuff, nice!