Which Hogwarts House Are You In? (ACCURATE)

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Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart? Ravenclaw, the wise and clever? Hufflepuff, the patient and loyal? Or Slytherin, the cunning and ambitious? Find out in this accurate Harry Potter House Quiz.

  • 1
    Someone at Hogwarts is in danger, but you don't know what house they're in. What's your response?
  • 2
    Someone you know is in Hufflepuff is asking you for help with a Transfiguration exam. What do you do?
  • 3
    A Slytherin is getting bullied by a bunch of Gryffindors. What do you do?

  • 4
    You found out that someone cheated on a test and beat you to first place. The professor is Snape. Do you tell him what happened?
  • 5
    Your name just came out of the Goblet of Fire. Everyone thinks you put your name in it, even though you're not old enough. (Also, you know you didn't.) Do you still compete in the Triwizard Tournament?
  • 6
    One of your classmates makes a sarcastic and rude remark to you. What do you say back?

  • 7
    You didn't get your permission slip to Hogsmeade signed, and McGonagall says you can't go without it. What do you do?
  • 8
    While on an adventure with two friends, you come across a fork in the road. One path looks bright and inviting, with flowers lining the edges. The other is dark and creepy, with thorns lining the edges. You and one of your friends want to go down the dark and creepy road, but your other friend wants to go down the bright and inviting road. How do you work this out?
  • 9
    Your O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) exams are coming up. How do you study for them? And for how long?
  • 10
    Last but not least, if you find that you are sorted into Slytherin, what will you do?

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325 days ago
this is basically aimed at whatever you want to be in...i don't like
325 days ago
they said stupid Slytherins as one of te options!
655 days ago
Which Hogwarts House Are You In? (ACCURATE)
You are in Ravenclaw! You are clever and wise, and you will always think of the best strategies. Some famous Ravenclaws are: Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, and Padma Patil. I am clever
763 days ago
I'm a slytherin, and many ppl think I'm a Hufflepuff cause I'm friendly and what not. The questions answers were all kinda r u d e tbh. I don't just go picking on people unless they cross my path. Not all slytherins are evil and rude. Yes I do seek acceptance from my family and power but that doesn't mean im gonna be blatantly hate everyone. No, I prefer to keep my head down unless I'm provoked. Slytherins are loyal to a small set of friends and they can be from any house (mostly hufflepuffs tho cause most slytherins are secretly extremely kind and loving). I belive the best way to gain power is through the viel of acting innocent and perfectly happy. Might seem a big manipulative but hey it is.
791 days ago
hey so i just wanted to say NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE BULLIES OR EVIL. a lot of us are actually really nice, it's just if you get in the way or try to stop us from achieving our goals, then that's when we start to be "mean". Also, we don't hate hufflepuffs, we actually really love them, and ravenclaws are also really good buddies, they're not the only clever house, think how clever you need to be cunning. the thing about us not like gryffindors is pretty true tho cause half the time they're not very smart and don't ever think things through
807 days ago
I don't like the last question it's mean T^T, and this isn't accurate I took a test before this and it said I was a Hufflepuff and the last question I got was "If you got into Slytherin what would you do?" I didn't want to be mean or ungrateful of the house that I got into so I just chose the one that said "Yes! I already knew I would get in Slytherin AWESOME!!! I can't wait to go pick on some Gryffindor first-years!" It isn't that nice.. It's not how most Slytherins would act. I mean just because you saw bad in one Slytherin shouldn't turn your opinion/back on the others, my bestie is a Slytherin! And she is very nice to me UvU
910 days ago
Woohoo Gryffindor!!!!
1507 days ago
Thank you SO much for commenting. I hope you enjoyed this quiz!
1519 days ago
In hufflepuff. Clara
1519 days ago
I aren't a proud travelled i beelong with Hannah Abbott and erny makmilan and Dustin finch fleatchlie
1522 days ago
Please comment! I would love it.