Harry Potter Quiz: Which House Are You In?

Dear young witch or wizard,
We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall

Congratulations! Now it is time to buy all necessary books and equipment at Diagon Alley! But the biggest decision comes when you enter the Great Hall, and the Sorting hat is placed on your head. What house will you call your family? Where do you fit in? There is lots to take into account, and this test will give you an insight into how the hat decides your fate at Hogwarts.
Keep in mind: The Sorting Hat does respect your wishes, but do not try to fool it! 😉

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    Which traits best reflects your personality?
    Which traits best reflects your personality?

Comments (399)


608 days ago
I got 40% Gryffindor 40% Slytherin 10% Huffleepuff and 10% Ravenclaw.. so idk if im a slytherin or a Gryffindor, other tests i took said im a slytherin so.. slytherin?
608 days ago
I got raven law and hufflepuff both 30% weird
611 days ago
I got-
60% Slytherin
20% Gryffindor
10% Ravenclaw
10% Hufflepuff
People say im Slytherin or Hufflepuff but they usually say im Slytherin yaaaa
611 days ago
612 days ago
im 50% Gryffindor
20% Ravenclaw
20% Hufflepuff
and 10% Slytherin
623 days ago
I got Gryffindor yasss my favourite houseeee 50% and 30% Hufflepuff.
623 days ago
Lol, I got 40 percent Gryffindor and 40 percent Hufflepuff. The rest- 20 percent Slytherin and 0 percent Ravenclaw.
627 days ago
I GOT RAVENCLAW!!! YEAH!!! I love ravenclaw. Its practically the best house in harry potter
628 days ago
Change topic, yes Slytherin is one of my fav house
628 days ago
I got Slytherin. Why do I always get Slytherin?? (Why am I saying that when slytherin Is one of my favourite houses??) Eh, some people say I'm hufflepuff but most Say im slytherin Even quizzes
629 days ago
I got Slytherin! I can't wait to make goyle,crabbe,and pansy, be my servants forever more.
638 days ago
im ravenclaw my second favourite house
640 days ago
Hufflepuff let's go yessss
647 days ago
Yes I got grifindor
647 days ago
slytherin yeeee3e
649 days ago
I'm in green slytherin
650 days ago
I am...

656 days ago
20%hufflepuff and 30%Gryffindor and that is wat
656 days ago
20%hufflepuff and 30%Gryffindor I like that
656 days ago
20%hufflepuff and 30%Gryffindor and that is wat