Yet another Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

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That's right. Another Sorting Hat Quiz.
Remember: SLYTHERINS AREN'T NECESSARILY MEAN! All houses have wonderful qualities, so I hope idiots stop talking about some invented flaws!

  • 1
    Which type of music describes your personality better?
  • 2
    You see your friend being bullied by a group of meanies. Your reaction?
  • 3
    You are caught by pirates and about to be fed by sharks. You have your hands tied, and a pirate holding a knife is standing behind you. What now?

  • 4
    If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?
  • 5
    What would you do before an exam?
  • 6
    Imagine yourself being sorted. The Sorting Hat doesn't manage to figure your house out because you are a hatstall. It asks for your choice. Your thoughts?

  • 7
    What does your room look like? (honestly, please.)
  • 8
    You're playing Truth or Dare. You pick Dare. You're given options and must choose one to complete your task. Which one do you choose?
  • 9
    If you had one superpower, what will you have?
  • 10
    An ugly and unpopular folk who was always known for bullying you just asked you out! Your reaction?

  • 11
    What irritates you the most?
  • 12
    Your crush and your best friend are throwing jinxes at each other. You know your best friend is wrong about the argument. What is your next move?
  • 13
    What is your dream vacation?
  • 14
    You walk in a dark room when suddenly the door closes behind you. There is no window, and only a table and statues. A hooded person suddenly appears and you see a green light coming out of their wand before...
  • 15
    What is, in your opinion, the best part of going to Hogwarts?
  • 16
    Which House do you hope to belong in?

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69 days ago
I got slytherin SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
72 days ago
I am totally a Gryffindor! And that's what I got!!!!!