Which Harry Potter Character are you?
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Which Harry Potter Character are you?

Are you a brave and daring Harry Potter, a clever and bossy Hermione, a funny and friendly Ron, an evil Draco Malfoy or a big friendly giant like Hagrid? Find out in this test.

Question 1:If you could cast any spell what would it be?
The ability to fly
Anything to embarrass the annoying twerp down the road
A spell to make money
Spells are not to be played with, you should only use them in emergency's

Question 2:What would you say are your main traits?
Loyalty, friendliness and trusting
Selfishness, Bossyness and leadership
Caring, funny and mischievous
Clumsyness, loyalty and friendliness
Cleverness, Bossyness and being interfering

Question 3:Are you...
Surrounded by people who hardly know you
Surrounded by slaves and followers
Surrounded by animals
Surrounded by books
Surrounded by a large family and a few friends

Question 4:What would be your ideal pet?
A rat that stays awake
An owl
A cat
A dragon
A houseelf

Question 5:It's holiday time, how do you fill your time?
Taking care of animals
Reading and catching up on homework
Getting up to mischief with friends
Being better than everyone else
Flying cars!

Question 6:Someone you dislike is blamed for something they didn't do, what do you do?
Come to their rescue straight away. If it isn't their fault then they shouldn't be blamed.
Let them take the blame it's funny
Mention it isn't the persons fault but don't get too involved
You stick up for them if no one else does. After all it's not their fault
Wait awhile to see them blush and stutter then come to their rescue. After all you have to have some fun.

Question 7:Danger stares you in the face do you...?
Fight awhile, if your not winning run!
Cast a spell if it's a dire emergency then run for help
Stare back then hit it where it hurts!
Think carefully about what is in your books

Question 8:You are allowed to go to one of five places with a friend. Where do you go?
To the pub and make friends with some strangers
Wherever the fun is.
To a library
To a dark magic shop
To a sweet shop

Question 9:You've left magic school. What is your new job?
Sports man or woman
A teacher
Making people suffer
Keeper of Keys (Caretaker)
Magic Policeman or woman

Question 10:Who is your favourite Horwarts teacher?
like a teacher are you kidding?
Dumbledore and Lupin

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