Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
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Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Find out which character you would be if you were someone in the books or movies.

Question 1:If you were confronted with a mountain troll you would...
Dodge its blows and try to kill it.
Think up some kind of spell to disarm it.
Yell for your henchmen to fight it.
Run away!!!

Question 2:For a test you...
Blow it off until the last minute and then cram.
Would study if only you were not so busy.
Study, nah. Your dad is way too powerful and can get you out of any test.
Study for days and days and that's still not enough.

Question 3:In your teachers' eyes you are...
A hard working, model student.
Popular yet still you pull off the grades.
A little to cocky for your own good.
An average student. Besides, they made up their minds about you when your brothers/sisters were students.

Question 4:You have...
a couple of each, but you don't really care.
5+ brothers and sisters.
no brothers or sisters
1 or 2 siblings.

Question 5:In your spare time you...
Study, read, and write.
Like to do things that involve you making fun of others inferior to you.
Try to hang out with friends but you've got alot of them.
Play sports and hang out with friends

Question 6:You wear...
Hand-me-downs, but you guess that they are okay, not in very bad shape.
Whatever season it is, you are usually wearing some kind of sports uniform.
The newest trends and styles because you can afford to buy them.
Whatever is comfortable and acceptable, you're not big on fashion.

Question 7:What kind of house do you see in your future...
A normal house, not to big, not too crammed.
After you get your degree, you can afford to buy any house you want.
The mansion that my parents will buy for me.
Probably an apartment for quite a long time.

Question 8:When you grow up, you will be...
Someone famous...whether you like it or not.
A Notorious person, known throughout the world for your evil acts.
Whatever your dad does for a living.
A first-class witch, thank you very much. Because you studied hard and came out at the top of your class.

Question 9:Your personality is...
Quiet and know-it-all.
Modest and happy, poised.
Happy when I'm around friends, and clumsy.
Shallow, you don't care what anyone else thinks.

Question 10:You took this quiz because...
You love Harry Potter.
Who cares, you took it right?
Your friends talked you into it.
You have nothing better to do.

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