Harry Potter~ which character are you?
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Harry Potter~ which character are you?

Ever wondered what Harry Potter character you are? Are you brave and clever, like Hermione, or a good friend, like Ron. Are you the sly and evil Draco? (I should hope that's not it.) Take the quiz and find out.

Question 1:   When you are reading, you typically are reading about what?
Hogwarts' History
Chudley Cannons

Question 2:   What is the first thing you say to the phrase "never tickle a sleeping dragon."?
ooooh....I read that that's the Hogwarts motto!
poor person.
if anyone didn't know that already they'll be Hufflepuffs!
no, just fly over it.

Question 3:   When you think Harry Potter you think
he throws too many hissy fits and is a git!
he could study harder, but he's nice
he's my best bud
I used to like him but now he's just my friend
I am just like him!

Question 4:   When you see Draco Malfoy picking on someone, you:
hit where it hurts
Poor kid....I'd help the poor thing
I'd send Draco away with a few....spells
I'd help Draco!
I'd get one of my mates and help the kid

Question 5:   You can read minds. You'd want to read...
Hermione's. Does she or does she not like me?
Snape's. I want to see more about my dad.
Harry's. He's always in trouble!
I wouldn't want to know what someone thinks, it's an invasion of privacy.
Harry's. When he gets in trouble, I'll be there! Ha!

Question 6:   Friends think of you as:
rude, obnoxious, mean, evil
sensitive, sweet, smart, brave
brave, triumphant, talented
smart, bossy, kind
fun, trustworthy, nice

Question 7:   You hate people who:
Fight for Voldemort
Are too wound up in themselves to study
Are mean to me or my friends
Date my sister
Hang around with Harry

Question 8:   You are likely to hang out with:
A couple of goons to do the dirty work
someone who is kind and sensitive
Harry and Ron would be the perfect buds!
someone clever and someone brave
my favorite people, Ron and Hermione of course!

Question 9:   Your hero is:
your scheming dad
Harry and Ron!
The author of Hogwarts, a history
Chudley Cannons all the way!
Dumbledore, or my godfather.

Question 10:   My motto is:
Be kind. You'll find a friend.
When in doubt, go to the library!
You're best mates will see you through, help them too!
I hate (your name here)
Voldemorts plotting something, I know it!

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