Which Harry Potter Character are you most like?
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Which Harry Potter Character are you most like?

Take this test to find out which harry potter character you are most like!

Question 1:Your teacher asks you to deliver a note to the headteacher. (S)he tells you not to open it. What do you do?
Take the letter straight to the headteacher and come straight back.
Take the letter to the headteacher but you are very tempted to open it!
Take the letter but then get distracted by something else.
As soon as you get out of the room, tear it open and read it. You then tell your friends all about what was in it.

Question 2:You are finding a piece of work hard. It is meant to be done on your own! What do you do?
I never find anything hard!
Try your best but end up having to ask someone else!
Give it to your friend - they're much better at schoolwork than you!
If I can't do it then I won't do it!

Question 3:You opponents in a sports match win. What do you do?
Blame it on the rubbish referee!
Nothing, you've forgotten about it within a day!
Call them loads of nasty words but thats all.
Plot revenge!

Question 4:Your teacher catches you doing something you shouldn't and decides to punish you. How do you react?
Tell the truth - honesty is the best policy but beg not to be punished.
Hang your head in shame
Babble on trying to find excuses to get out of it
Admit it and enjoy the teachers reaction

Question 5:You've forgotten your PE kit for school. What do you do?
I wouldn't forget it - I always pack the night before!
Plead with other people for their spare kit
Fake an injury so you don't have to do PE!
Steal someone elses

Question 6:Someone borrows a tshirt from you but they spill permanent ink down it! What do you do?
Come up with a formula for getting rid of permanent ink!
Make them get you a new one
Hold a grudge against them until you die!
Spill ink down their tshirt

Question 7:What is your favourite animal and why?
Dolphins - they are really intelligent!
Dog - they're always there when you need 'em!
Parrots - Brightly coloured and fun!
Spiders - Great for scaring people!

Question 8:What would you do if you were confronted with a monster?
Think of a logical way out of the situation
Be Brave and use all your strength to get past the monster!
Try and use your martial art skills and when they don't work... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Question 9:Which is your favourite lesson?
Maths or Science- The answer is always either right or wrong... simple!
Sports/PE - Gets you away from your desk and outdoors!
Art - Not too much thinking required!
English - I love reading about battles and wars!

Question 10:What would you rather watch on TV?
An Action Film!
A Comedy Sketch Show
Jack the Ripper - A Documentary

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