Which Hogwarts teacher are you?
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Which Hogwarts teacher are you?

Ever wondered which teacher you are from Hogwarts, now u can find out.

Question 1:Which description suits you best?
Dirty hair, brown eyes and dirty fingernails
Brown hair and brown/blue/green eyes
Short/Shoulderlength black hair, brown/black eyes
White/Blonde hair and blue eyes
Long/Short curly black hair and beetle black eyes

Question 2:You are at Hogwarts and Neville Longbottom slips down the stairs and starts crying at the bottom. you:
Tell him about when you fell down the stairs and how you didn't cry
Kick him once you get down the stairs
Order him to stop crying or DETENTION!
Find some herbs to help Neville's bruises
Tell him to stop crying while comforting him

Question 3:You see Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson in a corner, kissing. You:
Go red because of embarrassment and scuttle away.
Blast them apart with your wand and a rather co-ordinated Disarming spell
Smile and think how cute they look
Order them apart
Grin evilly and tell Harry, Ron and Hermione

Question 4:If you had one power it would be:
To help plants grow using your super extra energies
To be an animagus
To have neverending love and understanding from the one i love^o^
To have a neverending supply of toiletries (shampoos and body wash and stuff)

Question 5:Ron Weasley comes to your office and tells you that if you don't help him find love with Hermione he will start lusting after you. You:
Laugh and say that he has got to be kidding
Scream in his face and make monkey noises then try to be as disgusting as possible so that he changes his mind
try to be understanding and call Hermione in and begin to talk about it to her. Ron's ears go red and he runs out of the room, Hermione after him
try to be understanding but dismiss him for being so frigging soppy
Tell him to get lost and that you don't care about his sex life

Question 6:When you go to a party you:
Scare everyone away
Have a stiff necked conversation with somenone of equal boring qualities
Talk to other people but shy away from the ones that might judge you
Dance and bop to the beat

Question 7:Favourite Food
Any meat
Sherbet lemons
Anything that tastes good
Anything that disgusts others
Fruit and veg!!!

Question 8:Your favourite animal out of the Harry Potter books:
Killer Plants
I hate all animals especially children...

Question 9:Favourite colours?
Green, blue
White, blue
Black, pink, red
Red, gold and brown
Black, silver and green

Question 10:Which of these are most important to you?:
Conservation (keeping plants and animals from going extinct)
Causing misery to all children

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