How Similar to Severus Snape Are You ?
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How Similar to Severus Snape Are You ?

Have you ever wondered how similar you are to the sexy Sev ? Apparently, some people haven't. This quiz is not for them.

Question 1:You are most likely to spend your Saturday night:
With friends
Reading non-fiction
Reading classics or poetry
In deep discussions about philosophy over coffee
Researching for/planning your thesis (or latest academic study)

Question 2:What was/is your favourite subject at school/university ?

Question 3:Insult most commonly thrown at you ?
Miserable bastard

Question 4:You would like to be remembered as:
You don't care

Question 5:When reading the main newspapers of your town/city, you generally:
Agree with the facts, but disagree with the tone
Disagree with the facts, but agree with the tone
Snort derisively at the ineptitude of the journalists
Are too cynical to put down misinformation to ineptitude

Question 6:If somebody crosses you, do you:
Yell at them, then try not to think about it ?
Brood silently ?
Hate them, as long as reasonably possible ? ('Reasonably' being self-determined)
Find it hard to do anything but hate them (especially when said hatred is justified) ?
Avenge yourself ?

Question 7:For which one thing could you least forgive a lover ?
Lying to you
Lying about you
Divulging your secrets to a third party
Expecting something you weren't prepared to give

Question 8:If you make a (large) mistake, are you more likely to:
Sacrifice a lot of things that are important to you to try to rectify it ?
Feel regret, but find it difficult to make changes ?
Have trouble admitting that you've made a mistake ?
Try to rectify it (while thoroughly) as quietly as possible ?
Try to live with your decisions ?

Question 9:Would you prefer :
The ability to see all possible outcomes of a decision before you make it ?
The ability to time-travel (without major, and/or disastrous ramifications) ?
To understand all people ?
To understand all concepts ?
To understand yourself ?

Question 10:By most people, you are:
Feared (but grudgingly respected)
Feared, and disrespected
Respected (but not feared)
Seen as a man of his word (excuse my sexist language)
Hated, or strongly disliked

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