Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?
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Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?

Just a little quiz to tell you which Marauder you share the most similarities with! You just might get your favorite marauder!

Question 1:What do you usually do in a "bully" situation?
I just stand in the background, not liking what I see but not interfering.
I don't do much . . . I just cheer on the bully.
I join into the bullying! It's all for a laugh at my inferiors!
Me? I usually AM the bully!!!

Question 2:Do exams (as in school exams) freak you out?
What are you talkin' about?! I ace every one of those suckers!
I can study all night long, but nothing ever sticks to my brain!!! Yes, I have nightmares about exams!!!
Well, I usually get top marks on everything, but a little studying never hurt anyone.
I don't even bother studying! Everything's soooo EASY!!!

Question 3:What do you usually do when sitting in a chair?
I sit down with my legs neatly crossed or side-by-side while reading a book.
I tilt the chair backwards on its back legs and just look around the room until someone says something.
If I'm not busy with something else, I usually just doodle on whatever I'm holding.
Oh, I just sit down and usually, after some time, start worrying about something or start twitching nervously.

Question 4:What types of animals are your favorites or what types can you relate to?
Small and rather meek w/ a ferocious side too (to some extent) that can squeeze out of any trouble.
Something wild and untamable that can go almost anywhere and do almost anything at will.
Large and strong, and even majestic creatures-like a lion or a reindeer, something of the like.
Huge, cuddly animals; domestic and can be friendly or slightly aggressive.

Question 5:Which celestial body fascinates you the most?
Pluto; it's a small planet and you don't hear an awful lot about it, but it's there all the same, as cold and as far off as ever.
Mars; you can only see it at night, but it's a very vibrant color and it's also the "bringer of battle" . . . sweet revenge.
The moon; it has a split personality(kind of like me at some points in time): it's beautiful and entrancing but can also be an object of pure evil and eeriness.
The sun because I love the day and I love everything that's bright and beautiful.

Question 6:Which profession would you most likely seek out in the Muggle world?
Teacher-molding the minds of today's youth . . . ah!
Er---probably, er . . . well, anything that doesn't involve a lot of work but has a fair salary anyways.
Cop-catchin' all the bad guys w/ smoothness and style!
Pro soccer player-sports rock, dude!

Question 7:Now, which profession would you most likely seek out in the Harry Potter world?
Hogwarts professor-to revisit my much-missed youth and to pay a visit to some old friends!
Er---*whispers* probably a Death Eater, but only if You-Know-Who comes after me! Don't tell my friends!
Pro Quidditch player (probably for Puddlemere United)-all the way!
Auror-yep! Zoomin' around, gettin' ahead of the Death Eaters, and WHAMO! they've got themselves a permanent cell in Azkaban!

Question 8:Which traits best describe you?
If I were to tell the complete truth, I'm a bit conceited and arrogant but very loving and caring nonetheless!
Quiet, calm, reserved, and understanding; but I'm not perfect! I DEFINITELY have my faults!
I can be a nervous wreck sometimes, but when my friends are there, I cheer them on and congratulate them!
Veeery hyperactive and impulsive! (You should see me after I've taken a mixture out of caffeine and sugar!!!)

Question 9:Which Hogwarts House best suits your personality?
Er---maybe Slytherin . . . or Hufflepuff . . . Slytherin . . . no, Hufflepuff! Oh, I don't know!
GRYFFINDOR -definitely!!!!
Hmmm . . . I guess I would prefer Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw suits me too . . . somewhat . . . .
Gryffindor-no doubt about it, although my family and past speaks veeery differently. . . .

Question 10:Describe your family.
If "family" is what I must call them, then I'd say that they're a bunch of horrible, nasty people who have NEVER been up to any good!
They're very caring and persevering people! I could never express my gratitude!
Aggravating sometimes, but I have to admit that they're extremely nice people.
I guess they're . . . well, they're okay, I guess . . . .

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