Which of the Marauders are you?
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Which of the Marauders are you?

Are you James, Sirius, Remus or Peter by your nature?

Question 1:   What of the following is your fav pastime?
I’ll just see if I can join in whatever the other are doing
An interesting book
Anything that’s fun

Question 2:   Which of the following is MOST true in your case?
I tend to show off…
I tend to go with everything others do
I tend to be the bully
I tend to do um… reckless things

Question 3:   What might be considered bad about your personality?
I’m insane!
I’m hypocritical
I’m well… bigheaded
I’m violent

Question 4:   The most important item 4 you is
A pendant a friend gave you
My motorcycle 8)
My broomstick!
Your lucky sock

Question 5:   If you saw Lucius Malfoy in the hallway, you’d
Oh, I’d come up with something…[grinning evilly]
I’d look for an opportunity to mess his hair (some nasty hexes included)
I’d keep out of his way!
I’d give him a side-ways glance, but try and control myself

Question 6:   If you saw Severus Snape in the hallway, you’d
Why should I *do* anything!
I’d avoid him, Snivellus git…
I’d hex him for fun [looking around casually] that’s what I usually do
Oh, dear old Snivellus! We’d have some fun together [teeth-baring grin]

Question 7:   The classes you’re really good in
Transformation, naturally. But then, I’m good at everything;)
I’m good at everything8), but if I had to pick one, it’d be transformation
I like DADA best, but none of the subjects gives me a headache:)
Umm…history of magic

Question 8:   What are your fav sweets?
Butterbeer, and chocolate, please8)
Chocolate Frogs, -bars, -everything;)
Berie Blott’s Every Flavoured Beans

Question 9:   Pick a word that suits you best!

Question 10:   If you had a pet, it would be…
A pony: P
Dog: P
Anything but a cat… a squirrel perhaps [smirk]
A cat: P

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