Which Marauder are you?

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  • 1
    When accosted for a teacher about some missing homework, do you:
  • 2
    Your friends say your best quality is your:
  • 3
    A Howler's just landed in your pumpkin juice! It's spitting fire and ash. From the teacher's table, you see McGonagall tut under her breath. Wincing, you open the cursed letter. The Great Hall is regaled to a full-volume rant about your latest prank, a...

  • 4
    Most Fridays, you can be found...
  • 5
    What's your favourite store in Diagon Alley?
  • 6
    When somebody disagrees with your opinion in a heated 3am dorm discussion, do you:

  • 7
    Skipping Potions to wander round the school, you spot a deranged monster lurking in the shadows. Do you...
  • 8
    You find out one of your close friends has been harboring a terrible secret - they're a werewolf! How do you react?
  • 9
    Your favourite part of the summer holidays is....
  • 10
    In the three-hour argument over a group name for you and your friends, which name did you suggest?

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747 days ago
I am Sirius Black and Moony. Not bad, but why is Sirius at first place?-_-
784 days ago
I got Remus which I think totally suits me!
856 days ago
i am James I am also happy with my result!!!!!
865 days ago
50 % Moony. Suits me :D
922 days ago
I got Lupin and James! YAY!!
1157 days ago
I got mostly James and Remus yay suits me
1751 days ago
I got 50% Sirius Black, 40% Remus Lupin, 10% James Potter. And I absolutely love this result like I totally suit it!!😌😌😎😎