A Harry Potter Wand Quiz for All You Nerds!

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, your choice of wand core says everything about you! Are you the biggest Harry Potter fan there is? Then take this test to see which wand core you'd get! Your Harry Potter wand is waiting for YOU to work its magic! Will your Potter wand be like the one Hermione Granger uses? Or like Harry's or Ron's - or does it prefer performing dark magic? You can get Phoenix Feather, Dragon Heartstring, or Unicorn Hair as your result. Take the very best of all the Harry Potter quizzes now and see! ;)

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    What house from the Harry Potter series do you think you'd MOST LIKELY be sorted into out of these three?
    What house from the Harry Potter series do you think you'd MOST LIKELY be sorted into out of these three?

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293 days ago
Yess, i got Unicorn Hair. There is only 1 thing i don't get. This quiz said that
Phoenix Feather is very rare but almost everybody has it.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
567 days ago
Yes! I got phoenix feather 50% Dragon Heartstring 30% Unicorn hair 20%
629 days ago
I got Phoenix feather yay ๐Ÿ˜Š
638 days ago
60% Unicorn Hair, 30% Phoenix Feather, and 10% Dragon Heartstring!
833 days ago
Pheonix Feather. . . .Dragon Heartstring. . . . Unicorn Hair
921 days ago
50% phoenix feather, 40% Unicorn hair, 10% dragon heartstring
924 days ago
40 percent phoenix feather, 40 percent dragon heartstring, and 20 percent unicorn hair.
960 days ago
I got 60 % phoenix feather, 30 % Unicorn hair, 0 % dragoon heartstring.
1103 days ago
Okay I just took it again and got phoenix feather again. I think that's my final result.
1103 days ago
I got dragon heartstring the first time and phoenix feather the second time. Hmmmmm...
1195 days ago
I got 100% Phoenix Feather, 0% Dragon Heartstring, and 0% Unicorn Hair... YAY!!! I always thought I would get Phoenix Feather but now I know. I give this quiz a 10/10
1256 days ago
Phoenix feather!! Like Harry Potter.
1403 days ago
Dragon Heartstring. Yay
1556 days ago
There's no option to choose Ravenclaw for your house....
1574 days ago
I got 60% dragon heartstring 30% Phoenix feather and 10% unicorn hair
1947 days ago
2096 days ago
Hmmm... Unicorn Hair... Iโ€™m fine with it... :D
2115 days ago
I got Phoenix feather
2165 days ago
I got Phoenix Feather!!!!!!!!!!!
2260 days ago
No more destroying the world, Lord Voldemort.