Could You Survive A Horror Movie?
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Could You Survive A Horror Movie?

Sure, we all like to yell at the people in the movies. They're so stupid right? And if WE were in their shoes, we would NEVER do what they did. Well here's your chance. Lets just see if you would actually live past the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Question 1:   You're home alone at night and you hear something moving upstairs. You:
run screaming for the nearest door and go sprinting through the neighborhood
grab a butchers knife and go investigate
think it's probably just the cat, and continue what you're doing

Question 2:   You're driving home at night on a dark street with forest on both sides of the road. You see a person walking down the street. You:
stop the car. The poor guy probably needs a ride.
scream and put the pedal to the medal
keep going the same speed limit but steer clear of the guy

Question 3:   You have the feeling someone is following you as you walk home. You:
quickly duck behind the garbage bin. Maybe you'll lose them.
stop to tie you're shoes. You're probably just imagining it
start screaming and run for your life

Question 4:   You're camping with your best friend and you see a shadow from inside your tent. You:
scream and dive into your sleeping bag
grab the pepper spray your mom gave you and go outside to see what it is
think it's just the trees and go to sleep

Question 5:   You're asleep and having a nightmare about a scary man trying to kill you. You:
realize it's just a dream so you don't even try to get away
start screaming in your dream. Hey, maybe it will scare that scary man
focus all your concentration on trying to wake up

Question 6:   You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are alone at night. He/she says something really freaky to you and gets this weird glint in their eye. You:
slowly reach for the pocket knife in your back pocket
start laughing, they're just trying to see if they can scare you!
scream and turn around to run but kinda trip in the process

Question 7:   The phone rings while you're home alone and a raspy voice says "Your time has come" then hangs up. You
angrily hang the phone up. Your stupid brother is always trying to scare you.
run around the house locking every door and window and then grab a crow bar.
start screaming and dive under the bed

Question 8:   You are watching a scary movie alone at night. Someone knocks on the front door. You:
scream and throw the blankly over your head
get up and answer the door. It's probably your parents
lock the door to the room you're in and grab the metal lamp

Question 9:   You're in the shower when you hear the door creak open. You:
tell your silly dog to get out of the bathroom
grab your razor and throw back the curtain
scream and shut your eyes tight

Question 10:   You're on the computer talking to your friends when some person called jasonismyidol instant messages you and says he's going to kill you. You:
scream and hide under the desk
laugh. This must be the new screen name your friend was talking about
quickly block the person from instant messaging you again

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