Are you a worthy ringbearer?
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Are you a worthy ringbearer?

Find out if you would succeed in the long journey to Mordor und find out more about yourself in the process!

Question 1:Imagine you are a hobbit, sitting in your cosy cave and a black rider knocks at your door.
I ask him in for a cup of tea.
I'll give him everything he wants. But only for a lot of money.
I lock up each entrance of the house and hope someone tells me what to do.
I nearly piss in my pants, because I'm so scared.

Question 2:What's the deal with this ring?
That it's so dangerous!
Everyone wants to have that darned thing!
That I want to have it!
I'd love to wear it, but Gandalf forbade me to. Oh man!

Question 3:Who owned the ring before Bilbo did?
Dunno. The point is that Sauron doesn't get it!
This is too hard for me! How the hell am I supposed to know?
Me! Me! Give it back to me!
Gollum, that small, ugly creature who's been following me for the last decade!

Question 4:You and the fellowship are guests in the house of Elrond in Rivendell. What happens there?
Rivendell is beautiful and is known for its sexy princes/princesses. I'm staying!
I slip on the ring and try to find out where the elves keep their riches.
I'm happy that Legolas is joining the fellowship. He's not only hot, but also skilled with bow and arrow! There's an added bonus!
I'm all excited, because the fate of the ring will be decided here.

Question 5:You're fighting against 10 orcs at the same time and you have no free hand to hold the ring. Who do you give it to?
I'll give it to Gollum. He's been bothering me the whole time with his "My preciousssss!" anyway.
Nobody, even Gandalf can't resist the power of it.
Nobody. The ring tells me what to do, so I won't give it away!
I'll give to Sam. He's loyal and trustworthy!

Question 6:The magician Saruman wants to win you for his plans and he's pretending to be quite friendly. What do you do?
I play along. Gandalf's friends are probably alright.
I join him. With Saruman's help, I will become ruler of all middle earth!!!
What plans? I don't interfere with magic!
I run away. He's in league with Sauron!

Question 7:Why did Gandalf fall into the depths of the mines of Moria?
While he was fighting against the Balrog, he got torn down with it.
Dunno. I was unconscious at the time.
Dunno. I was busy killing those mean orcs.
Because I pushed him.

Question 8:Why does Frodo make his way off to Mordor alone?
He's not alone. The loyal Sam is with him!
Because only Frodo is capable of handling the ring.
Because Legolas and Gimli had a fight about hair-styling and they killed each other.
Because I couldn't stop him! Grrr!

Question 9:What is your favorite colour combination?
Green and Brown
Red and Orange
Purple and Yellow
Blue and Gold

Question 10:Have you ever considered moving away from your home?
If I have to achieve what I want by doing that, of course!
NO! Not for the world!
What home? I'm a gypsy by nature!
Only if I absolutely have to.

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