Which Middle Earth Elf Are You?
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Which Middle Earth Elf Are You?

Have you ever wanted to be immortal? Have pointy ears? Here's your chance to find out which of Tolkien's elves best matches your personality!

Question 1:You are walking through a forest with some of your companions. You say...
"Just look at these wonderful trees! They almost look as if they are alive!"
nothing. You are thinking up an evil plot at the moment.
"This clearing looks like the perfect place for a feast!"
"I love this forest! It would be just the place to build my house!"
nothing. Instead, you just revel in the beauty around you and sing to yourself.

Question 2:An angry dwarf just tells you your mother looks like a cave troll. You...
burst into tears, sending the dwarf on his knees begging your forgiveness
snap your fingers and order your guards to throw him in prison until he takes it back.
cast a spell to turn HIM into a troll!
draw out your sword and slice his head off!
tell him he has no right to say such things. When he apologizes, you forgive him.

Question 3:You see a complete stranger wandering around near your home. You...
secretly follow him and see if he leads you to treasure
ask him what his business is from afar
run away swiftly but curiously turn and look back once you are at a safe distance
hide yourself very ingeniously and hope he goes away
walk up to him and engage in a friendly conversation with him

Question 4:A friend of yours is in possession of a Silmaril, a magic jewel that gleams with a holy light. You...
desire to have it but confidently resist the temptation to take it.
stare wonderingly at it, drawn to its beauty but afraid to touch it.
start working on a plan that will not only get you his Silmaril, but his whole kingdom too!
recall ancient historical facts proving to your friend that you are the Silmaril's rightful owner
ask if you can look at it but respect your friend's wishes

Question 5:When choosing a companion for a long journey, you...
are careful whom you trust, so you go alone
don't know your way around so you go with someone whom you trust completely, like your father or spouse
take some of your servants but sleep with a knife by your side...
take a whole army along
choose someone whom you can trust, but will also make the trip more merry

Question 6:If war was declared on your people, what would be your first move?
war? oh my! You do not trouble about war... you have full confidence in your leader
analyze the strengths of both sides and join the enemy if he is stronger
do anything possible to avoid an open confrontation
know the enemy and try to interpret his moves
cast a spell so that the enemy will not find you

Question 7:What do you like to do when you have free time?
hold a feast! Throw a party!
plot ways to overthrow your enemies
sing or talk to the birds in your favorite spot by a creek in the woods
go for a walk in the woods or enjoy a peaceful day
free time? Those who rule find no free time!

Question 8:What type of food is your favorite?
ripe berries and lembas bread with cool, clear water
wine, wine, wine! And the finest dining, fit for a king!
meat with beer
you have several enchanted foods in your house... of course lembas bread is always nice...
anything sweet

Question 9:Where do you like to live?
anywhere where you can hide and still spy on others
in the fair and sunny woodlands
deep in an enchanted woods
In an elaborate palace safely hidden from strangers
you like to travel

Question 10:What is your purpose in life?
to defend your friends as best as you are able
to rule your people with strength and wisdom
to seek revenge and win the prize of your enemies
to live in peace and prosperity
to find happiness and love

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