Which Tolkien elf are you?
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Which Tolkien elf are you?

If you are bored and just looking for something to do or you really want to know which Tolkien elf you are, take this quiz!

Question 1:   What you would do?
Sit and look at the night sky
look into your Mirror
think of Aragorn.....sigh
read books of lore
Make beautiful jewels

Question 2:   You consider yourself.....
wise and gracious
fair and wise
powerful and knowing
beautiful and sad
calm and good with a bow and arrow

Question 3:   You like....
your Mirror

Question 4:   How many children do you want to have?
2 sons and a daughter
Six sons
3 or 4
No idea...
one daughter

Question 5:   What is your hair like?
long and golden blonde
medium-length and dark brown
medium-length and black
long and brown
blond and med. length

Question 6:   What is your favorite color?
Don't have one

Question 7:   What are you most known for?
Making the Silmarils
for being wise and all-knowing
fighting in the first war against Sauron
giving up your immortality
Being in the Fellowship of the Ring

Question 8:   You hate the Ring because....
it took Aragorn away from me....
Actually, it was before my time.
Its just evil, so I hate it.
It lures mortals
Sauron wants it

Question 9:   What are your thoughts about immortality?
its good not to have to taste the bitterness of death
I want to give it up...
Its wonderful
I'm fine with it.
Who would want to die?

Question 10:   The last question......you're......
about to go see Aragorn
it's over?
glad to get this over with
What? I wanted more questions

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