What elf are you?
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What elf are you?

Don't you wonder? Don't you go to sleep restless because the question is hanging over your head? Aren't you plagued with the question in every hour you walk this earth? No? oh....

Question 1:   What do your friends call you?
"She's so meek..."
"Friendly is like her middle name!"
"Ummm... she's a little dark if your know what I mean..."
"She tutors me in everything!"
"Drama queen!"

Question 2:   What do you wear usually?
Long sleeved shirt, sweater, jeans, sneakers.
Funky flares, tanktop, sunglasses, and high top shoes!
Anything in style.
My glasses, a T-shirt, and jeans ;)
Why do you need to know? Is that your business? Why is my personal life your business?

Question 3:   What animal would you want to own the most?

Question 4:   What do you spend your free time doing?
Tutoring my friends or studying.
In my room dwelling on thoughts.
Dancing, acting, singing, anything in the limelight!
Sneaking around dark streets and causing mischief...
At parties or hanging out with my friends!

Question 5:   How do you do in school?
I'm the best student.
Average. It's cool.
Bs and Cs
Is that your business?
Average! I love it

Question 6:   What element do you like best?

Question 7:   What is your favorite color?

Question 8:   What sport(s) do you play?
Dancing, ballet, tap, anything!
I don't have time for sports! I'm working too hard on school work...
Nothing. Why are you so nosy? Is there some curiosity that you have that drives you to ask people such personal questions?
I work on the computer, designing web sites and such. That's a sport, right?
Soccer, handball, baseball, basketball....

Question 9:   What shows do you watch?
Cartoons! WOOHOO!
The discovery Channel if I'm not slaving away at school work!
What everyone else watches.
The classics!

Question 10:   What food do you eat?
A variety of things! I eat it all!
French fries, hamburgers, chicken fingers. My main diet.
Only sushi.
The food pyramid tells me what to eat. A healthy diet means a healthy brain!
What everyone else eats.

Question 11:   What time do you go to sleep?
10:00 PM
The time everyone else goes to bed.
3:00 AM
6:00 PM Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy, and wise.
9:00 PM

Question 12:   What does your bedroom look like?
What everyone else's room looks like.
I don't have any light in it, and it is all black.
Neat and tidy on a prefect color scheme and perfect for working.
Posters of singers and actors everywhere, and a funky bed cover!
My room is cool but cluttered!

Question 13:   What is your favorite subject?
I like none of them.
My special dance class.
Language Arts

Question 14:   Do you have any pets?
None, they are too friendly and loving.
two or three
A cat who is always by my side and helping me with work.

Question 15:   Why did you take this test?
I thought it would be interesting
I'm sick, it's raining, all my friends are on vacation
I was bored out of my mind.
I accidentally stumbled on it while looking up what year Harriet Tubman was born...
You mailed me and told me to!

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