Are you Arwen, or just some elf poser?
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Are you Arwen, or just some elf poser?

Hey, there... I am Hothien, a Rivendell elf and I know Arwen, so why not test if are like her? I mean, it's better not to act as if you're somebody else. So let's see, elf buddy...

Question 1:   What is your hair?
Long and dark
Long and blonde
Short and blonde
Short and dark

Question 2:   What are your eyes?
Green as the grass
Black as the night
Blue as the sky
Brown as mud

Question 3:   What are your lips?
Colour of rose
Colour of The Pink panther
Colour of cherry
Colour of blood

Question 4:   Do you have any brothers or sisters?
No, normal people don't need such creatures!
Yes, I have two big stupid blonde brothers!
Noooo, but I'd love to have a brother, maybe...
Yeas, and I am happy with them. I love my family!

Question 5:   Where do you like to go?
Disco’s, where else? Cool guys - there are plenty of them!
My room, the place where I feel safe.
Near nature, because I love it.
Away from home, somewhere in the park jogging maybe.

Question 6:   Which of these do you prefer?
Sporting, sporting and sporting once again. I have to be fit.
Just chatting on the phone.
Dancing in the disco! paaaaarrrrrrtyyyyyyy!
Reading and writing.

Question 7:   How do you feel about technics-computers, stereos...?
I dunno. Useful I guess.
I use them but don't like them. Horribly cold.
Well, they're cool! I need them!

Question 8:   Friends describe you as...
too passionate, drama queen
beautiful and fair
sweet and girly
fair and charming

Question 9:   You are...
clever, mysterious and with a big heart
intelligent, crazy
not so clever, but boys like me, so... that's the most important thing

Question 10:   What part of nature you like best?
Ooo, whatever the boys say
The trees and their green leaves
The mysterious stars, gazing and reading them
The grass, when I sit there and have picnic

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