What Elf of Middle Earth are you like the most?
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What Elf of Middle Earth are you like the most?

Are you a mean, ugly, butt picking ogre? Then don't take this quiz-fool. But, if you consider yourself to be a fair, wise and beautiful creature, perhaps you are an elf. Which one?

Question 1:   Where do you (wish) to live?
Uh...some place, with...people and uh, people?
In the woods, perhaps-maybe a traver with a horse
I shall stay here in Lotholorien, with my husband
Valinor, with the last of my people
Anywhere with my true love

Question 2:   Do you have a horse?
Nay, I need none-I travel nowhere
Yes, yes I do
Well, I think I had one for dinner last night.
Yes, a grey one is he
Yes, a fair, white one

Question 3:   Your hair? (for those of you idiotic fools out there, what is your hair like?)
Blonde, medium length and strait
Um...I don't know-if you give me a couple hours to wash it...
Long and wavy, silvery blonde
Long, brown and fair

Question 4:   Have you any weapons?
I have a sword, but I rarely use it.
I carry no weapons, I need no weapons
I've got a sword & a bow
I carry a bow and two elvin blades
I done got myself a gun! Hyuck!

Question 5:   Are you royalty?
A princess
An elven Queen
My family is royal in my eyes!
A prince of Mirkwood
Nuh uh! I'm just a regular ol' bum off the streets!

Question 6:   Do you fight in battles?
I haven't yet
I have slayed many a orc in my day
The need has not yet arisen, but I do not plan to
I reckon I have-does fightin' a herd of ostrich count?
A little bit

Question 7:   What color do you most often wear?
Grey or blue
Uh, what clothes?
Dark ones, mostly purples and blues

Question 8:   How is your social life?
I recently married a mortal
I'll get married someday, I hope
Mostly I eat anyone who crosses my path, for some reason that scares some
I remain single, and I shall for the rest of my days
My marriage is as old as the earth its self

Question 9:   How is your personality?
I am sociable, curious and smart for the most part
I am wise, mysterious and caring
I am a willing fighter but I am quiet and reserved, though I do not shun others-
I am outgoing, brave and compassionate
I is a regular jenious! Plus, I can juggle with my feet!

Question 10:   What have you got for support, family or friends?
I have a noble husband, a wise son and a beautiful granddaughter
I got my ten little cockroach friends, wait...dangit-them are my toes.
I have a loving father and a wise, noble husband
I have a mother, father and a bunch of great friends
I have a short and comical friend

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