Which Hobbit are you?

Which Hobbit are you? Are you the one who likes to eat a lot? Or are you always getting into trouble? Are you the ring leader (little play on words there, heh heh, er, uh)? Or do you just follow the leader? Find out by taking this quiz!

Question 1:When your at a party, you . . .
Kind of stand off to the side, watching everyone else have fun.
Eating all the snacks, I mean, hey, they're just gonna throw out the left overs anyways, right?
Watching all the commotion, and joining in with the trouble makers.
Throwing something, talking smack, whatever it is that can lead to trouble, you're doing it.

Question 2:Your taking a walk in the walk in the park, and there are four paths that you've never taken. You decide to take the. . .
The quite path, with a dirt trail leading down by a river. Hey, it's the most peaceful.
The path that leads up a big ol' hill, and twists and turns all over the place.
The path that everyone else takes, no danger here. Right?
The path that has no end. Your always looking for adventure, so you grab a buddy and head on down.

Question 3:Your in prison, and you have one last meal. What do you order.
Second breakfast...and maybe third as well.
You request your mother to make and bring you your favorite: her home made mashed potatoes and steak. Mmm.
Something new. Better try sushi before you die, right?
Everything on the menu, please.

Question 4:When your sitting in your room, and your mom barges in and asks how the homework’s going, you. . .
Tell her it's done, hand her the paper and go on your way. You always finish A.S.A.P.
"Oh," you say, "I've almost started!"
Point to the paper across the room. Good thing your best friend gave you the answers on the phone.
Show her your half way done paper, and tell her problems 8-24 are REALLY hard, to avoid further questioning.

Question 5:Uh oh, your annoying little brother took ten dollars from your wallet, and you saw it. You get revenge by. . .
Putting some sort of animal in his pillowcase, putting food coloring in his laundry, and anything else mean you can think of before confesses.
Nothing. He should come around and tell you eventually.
Call your best friend and ask for some advice.

Question 6:What’s your favorite fashion statement?
Short pants.
Um . . . short pants.
Short pants.
Short pants.

Question 7:Uh oh, you found an envelope on the floor outside containing four hundred dollars. You. . .
I'd treat my closest buddy to a night out.
Shopping spree! Yay!
Um, I'd probably put it all into the vending machine.
Turn in to the police. Poor guy. . .but if no one claims it in ninety days, i get it. Whoop whoop.

Question 8:When you were little, people responded to your looks by saying :
"Oh what a cutie pie!"
"Oh...you know, fat camp opens early this year..."
"Oh, what a nice little kid. I bet the girls/guys are gonna be ALL over you!"
"HERE COMES TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Question 9:What is the ideal thing you would require your soul mate top have?
A great personality.
A cute smile and perdy eyes!
A plain looking girl/man who loves to have fun.
Hairy feet.....Mmm!

Question 10:When you see your crush in the hallway, you :
Smile politely and wave.
Barrel ass it over to her/him and tell a funny joke you once heard.
Grab your best friend and go casually talk to her/him. You NEED moral support.
Shyly turn around and watch her/him out of the corner of your eye.

This Quiz has been designed by Katie.