Which Hobbit are you?
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Which Hobbit are you?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hobbit? Hairy feet, curly hair, knee high to everyone else. Which hobbit would you be? Merry, Frodo, Samwise or Pippin? Find out here!

Question 1:How interested in ale/beer are you?
I'll have a few sometimes, but I don't make it a habit.
Three or more times a week and I MAKE the parties!
Twice a week, maybe more if there's a party.
Once or twice a week.

Question 2:When it comes to dancing, how do you go about it?
Reluctant to dance, especially when the opposite sex is involved.
Who needs to dance! It's more fun to fool around!
I'll only dance when I really need to.
Dance to have fun, and only if it's for a special occasion

Question 3:Are you a good cook?
I prefer to let someone else cook for me, but, I can cook if I need to.
I love to cook, I can make a meal out of anything!
Cook? I eat faster than I can cook!
Where there's an inn, there's food! That's all I need to know!

Question 4:An unpleasant rumor has been going around the Shire about your friend, do you?
Tell your friend not to worry about it, and stand by them if someone decides to comment.
Joke with your friend as you're the one who started it, although you meant no harm by it.
Tell everyone who even slightly mentions it that it's not true and they should forget about it.
Joke with your friend about it and then forget it.

Question 5:Mushrooms?
Like them but pass them by if you don't need them.
Mushrooms? Where?!! I need a bag!
Love them and will eat them raw if you can.
Don't touch my mushrooms! They're all mine!!

Question 6:You're in battle in Moria, what do you do to survive?
Grab the nearest thing and whack a couple of enemies out before turning your attention to protecting friends.
Scream and throw rocks and scream some more.
Run and hide, there's too many of them and not enough of you!
Scream and stab the enemy wherever you blade will fit.

Question 7:how do you feel about those beautiful elves leaving Middle Earth?
Sad, it's a shame that Middle Earth will loose them.
There's bound to be more elves in Middle Earth, surely not all will leave.
Sad, but you know that that's their destiny.
You're too captivated by the sight of one to think about their fate.

Question 8:It's the late afternoon and you've had a busy day, what do you do to relax?
Find the nearest inn and have a pint or two.
Go home and find yourself something nice to eat.
Sit in the shade and read a good book.
Decide to report your daisies before they overgrow.

Question 9:You wake up in the morning to find it pouring outside, what do you do first?
Get up and decide it's a good day to do some housework, the garden is getting a good watering.
Snuggle down, close your eyes and listen to the rain.
Get up drowsily and make yourself breakfast.
Fall back into a deep sleep.

Question 10:The last five questions are about your physical traits. What colour hair do you have?
Blonde to dark blonde
Very dark brown
Dark brown
Light to medium brown

Question 11:Compared to four of your closest friends, how tall are you?
I'm the third tallest
I'm the shortest
I'm the tallest
I'm the second tallest

Question 12:How expressive is your face?
Extremely expressive
Fairly expressive
Very expressive
Not very expressive

Question 13:What colour clothing out of these suits you best?
Neutral and cream colours
Reds and rusty browns
Green and beige
Yellow and light green

Question 14:If you had to categorise your accent into one of the following, which would fit it best?
Slightly American
Heavily Irish
Proper english
English with a slight twang

Question 15:Look at your hands, which description fits them best?
Slender but a little worn around the fingertips
Short, but clean and neat.
Kind of chubby, with smudges of dirt
Long, slender and clean

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