Which hobbit are you?
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Which hobbit are you?

Are you hungry Pippin? Or perhaps caring Sam? Come on in and see who you are most like!

Question 1:If you're faced with an enemy then what do you do?
I get buried underneath it.
I'd die to save my master.
I try to save a friend of mine but I can't reach so high so I only hurt Mr. Enemy a little.
I fall on my ass, most of the time.

Question 2:What is your favorite hobby?
Falling on my ass.
Licking my masters feet
Making mischief
Making mischief...and swimming, boats and stuff.

Question 3:What do you like to eat?

Question 4:Where do you live?
In Brandy Hall.
In the Great Smials.
In Bag End.
At my masters feet.

Question 5:If you were to bump into someone who was much taller than you, what would you do?
Excuse myself with a big grin and ask if they have any mushrooms.
Probably look rather confused and then move on.
Fall on my ass and look very upset and big-eyed.
Look if my master was all right, even if he didn't bump into said person.

Question 6:How would you like your family life?
YES YES I want plenty of them! Thirteen children sounds good!
No family, I want peace and quiet.
A wife (husband) sounds good, but I'll have no children
Yes, but one child is enough.

Question 7:What is the greatest hurt you've ever received?
My sore ass...no I think it is the stab by the morgul blade. Or the sting of a giant spider.
The black illness I had when I stabbed the witch-king.
When my master hurts, I hurt!
I got buried under a troll...

Question 8:What did you get most disappointed with when you saw how you were pictured in the movie?
I fall on my ass too much.
I was too fat!
I don't like being comic relief. And the movie made me blonde, while Tolkien says my hair's brown!
Comic relief. And that accent...

Question 9:Who was your role model when you grew up? (This I can't be completely sure of, but pretty...)
I'm oldest, I was the role model!
My gaffer.
Merry...and Frodo sometimes.

Question 10:And finally, how do you react when a friend dies?
I walk away...far away.
I cry while stroking my friend's hair.
I cry while lying in my friends lap.
I sit alone and weep.

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