What kind of Tolkien-character are you?
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What kind of Tolkien-character are you?

Are you an elf, a hobbit, a dwarf, a wizard or an evil orc? This test will show you!

Question 1:How do you look?
Small and strong!
Ugly and disgusting!
Like an old man, but that doesn't mean I am one!
The fairest of all creatures!
Very small and plump, with curly hair!

Question 2:What are you doing at your spare time?
Eating, singing, dancing, happy things!
Digging in a mine!
Looking after that everybody and everything is OK!
Looking after and taking care of the nature and all beautiful!
Which spare time? I'm a slave for my master!

Question 3:What do you hate most?
Sauron and his evil!
Sauron and his evil, but everything has a meaning, even him!
Elves, those ugly, untrusting, unloyal creatures!

Question 4:Where do you live?
In the mountains!
In a cozy village where everybody knows each other!
In a beautiful city, built in harmony with the nature!
Wherever my feet’s take me!
A dark place!

Question 5:What do you think when you hear the name "Sauron"?
We have to do something with this problem!
I've already known the problem, so let me find a solution in peace!
My master!
That satan!

Question 6:Are you afraid of death?
It is a little scary, but that's the reason why I don't think about it!
No, everything has a meaning!
No, it comes when it comes!
Why should I when I am immortal?
Death = Kill = Food?

Question 7:What is the best day of your life?
When I can dig in my mine or have a real fight together with my dear axe!
The day evil rose in Middelearth!
Everyday when it's a party!
The day Sauron's power ended forever!
The day Sauron's power ended and my people left to the undying lands!

Question 8:What is the worst day of your life?
The days I didn't know how the ringbearer made his mission!
When Sauron came to power again!
When Sarumann came to The Shire!
When that little idiot ruined my masters ring!
When Moria was taken by orcs!

Question 9:What do you feel about rings?
Master! The ring! The RING!
Should never have been used!
Don't talk about that piss!
Really don't like them at all/don't have a special relation!
Kind of ambiguous feelings, really!

Question 10:At last, what do you consider yourself as?

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