Which LOTR character are you?
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Which LOTR character are you?

Have you ever wondered how you would be in the time of the Lord Of The Rings? Who are you? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:Are you independent?
I don't need anyone else, I can make it on my own.
I can be mostly by myself, but count on other people sometimes.
I mostly count on other people to take care of me.
I count on everyone and everything to do things for me!

Question 2:Do you speak up?
No....I let my actions show how I'm feeling.
Sometimes, but only if it is important.
I speak up sometimes, but I also keep my mouth shut when necessary.
I always question authority, and speak out even when it's not my turn.

Question 3:Do you have smooth moves?
Oh yeah, baby!
I'm a pretty smooth cat.
I've got some good ones, but I'm mostly pretty average.
I'm as clumsy as they come.

Question 4:Are you a good listener?
I'm always there to listen to people.
I am alert most of the time.
I am a good listener only when it is important.
What was the question?

Question 5:Are you alert on what is going on around you?
No, I can never tell what's happening.
I am always too busy thinking to be alert to my surroundings.
I am pretty aware of everything going on.
I'm as keen as a tiger.

Question 6:Do you always have the answer to the puzzle?
Yes, I am great at figuring out puzzles!
I'm usually ahead of the crowd.
I'm pretty average.
I stink.

Question 7:Are you brave?
I laugh in the face of danger.
Oh yeah, but I wouldn’t do SOME things.
I wouldn’t do things if it meant getting hurt.
I'm a coward.

Question 8:Are you a people person?
I like everyone, and they all like me.
I'm a pretty popular person.
I'm okay, I have friends at least.
I don't need friends, and I don't always need to please people.

Question 9:Are you always determined to reach your goal?
Umm, I try...sorta...okay, no.
I'll try when I really want something.
I always try as much as I can, and if that doesn’t work, oh well.
I never give up, even though it would be nice to sometimes.

Question 10:How well in shape are you?
I am a lean, mean, buff machine!
I'm skinny and tough, but not too muscular.
I'm pretty average, a little flabby maybe.
Okay, I'm not in the best of shape.

Question 11:How's your hand- eye coordination?
My hands and eyes work together as one.
Pretty good, I'd say.
Okay, average, but not that great.
They're totally opposite.

Question 12:Are you loyal?
Of course!
Yeah, I am pretty loyal.
I'm loyal to those who are loyal to me.
Well, no, but I try.

Question 13:Are you a leader or a follower?
More of a leader, but a little bit of a follower.
More of a follower, but sometimes a leader too.
A follower!

Question 14:How good are you in romance?
I'm a magnet for girls/guys.
People like me, so I am pretty okay.
I'm all right, but I am mostly too scared or embarrassed to do anything.
I don't need romance to be happy.

Question 15:Are you considered "good-looking"?
Oh yeah, baby!
I'm above average.
I'm pretty plain looking.
Let's just say I don't use a mirror, for it would crack if I had one.

Question 16:What color is your hair closest too?
I'm a natural blondie, and proud of it!
A really dark brown or black.
I'm a hot and firery red-head.(or a weird color)
Brown, brown, and more brown.

Question 17:Are you speedy?
A cheetah and I would make pretty good friends.
I'm above the average speed limit.
I'm okay.
I would be the tortaise in the Tortaise and the Hare.

Question 18:Are you a good speaker?
Pretty good, actually.
I'm okay, when I am really fired up about it.
Ummm...well, no, ermmm.

Question 19:Do you use face expressions a lot?
I use them to get across my point more than words.
I am pretty good with them, and usually get my point through.
I use them sometimes, but often speak more instead.
Nope, I let my words pay off.

Question 20:Do you have a temper?
Yes, so ya better watch out!
Yes, but not to the point of blowing up.
Sort of, but i usually get over it.
No way! I am way too easy going.

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