Which Character From LOTR: The Two Towers Are You?
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Which Character From LOTR: The Two Towers Are You?

Are you Eowyn, Eomer, Theoden, or Wormtoung? Find out! E-mail any comments to me!

Question 1:What do you think of Aragorn?
He's just I guy I met. Hey, at least I gave him horses, OK?!!!
He's a good fighter, but he tries to tell me how to do my job!!!
He is beautiful and wonderful and I love him!!!!
He's friends with that wizard. Curse and kill him!!!

Question 2:What do you fear?
A cage.
The death of my people.
That dwarf who stepped on me!

Question 3:Would give your life for your people?
Yes, I fear neither death nor pain
Yes, I would go into battle with them
People? I have no people
Yes, I must defend my king

Question 4:What do you do in your spare time?
I play with my sword and train
I poison people's minds
I sit on my throne with my head in my hands
I war-munger

Question 5:Who is your leader?
Theoden, my uncle
I am my own leader
Theoden King, my lord

Question 6:Are you on the good side or the bad side?

Question 7:What would you do to an orc?
Make it lead me to the others
Stab it with a knife
Kill it and burn it's body
Take it to Saruman

Question 8:Who is your favorite character from the first movie?
Aragorn, duh!

Question 9:What is your weapon of choice?
I don't need a weapon. I'll just hide behind Saruman
A sword and a horse
Any sword I can get
Only my special sword

Question 10:Why did you take this quiz
Because my King told me to
Because Gandalf told me not to
Because I can
This is a quiz?

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