Which Lord of the Rings character are you?
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Which Lord of the Rings character are you?

Question 1:What is your ultimate goal?
To get your birthday present back
To take over the world!
To be on a quest
To ruin a little hobbit's life
To get away from these crazy dwarves!

Question 2:Would you be willing to go on a quest that was life-threatening, and you knew nothing about?
In this outfit? I don't think so.
I guess so,why?
Ssssure, if it involves getting a certain ring back!
Duh! I started the quest!

Question 3:Are you afraid of dragons?
Not when I could shoot them!
Not if they have my precious, no....
I'm secretly a dragon undercover. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!
Me? Afraid of dragons? Yeah right!

Question 4:What exactly is the One ring?
My past,present and future! *Sniff*
Not on my fingers, where it is supposed to be!
It can turn you invisible! Yeah, it also hurts you, but...
My birthday present!

Question 5:In your opinion, what is Gollum?
A 60 year old heroin addict lookalike
A critter who my uncle could of killed!
Smeagol, duh!

Question 6:Who do you have a crush on in the books?
The Black Riders

Question 7:Are you evil or angelic?
Oh man, I tried to bite off Frodo's finger, I almost tried to murder Bilbo...
Evil all the way!
In between, I guess.
I am neither!
Me? Evil?

Question 8:Where do you live?
In a cave
In a hole my dad built
I just... walk around all day!

Question 9:Which of these is the coolest name?

Question 10:What would your diet consist of?
I don't have time!
Meat, meat, and...MORE MEAT!
Basically, dirt.
I don't eat. How can I when I don't have a mouth?

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