LOTR Character Quiz
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LOTR Character Quiz

Which Tolkien character are you?

Question 1:Weapon of Choice:
Long Sword
Short Sword

Question 2:Elves:
I like visiting them...
*grumble grumble*
Always wanted to meet one...
I'm their royalty!
Relatives from long ago...

Question 3:If a friend fell before you in battle, you'd:
Yell about something.
Run quickly to help him.
See how he's doing from afar with your super-vision.
Jump on his attacker.
See to him after the fight.

Question 4:Love Interest:
The 'enchanting' women.
3 thousand year old royalty.
Elf Women, hehe.
What's this 'love' business?
The Dancing Lady *blush*

Question 5:Smoking:
Not this wonderful body!
Sure, every night. Some say it makes me look menacing.
Not for me! GRRRR!
The best brandybuck weed, of course!
Sure, and blowing smoke is the best part.

Question 6:Gondor is:
Made of beautiful stone!
The fabled land of men.
Full of trees.
A place for research.
My kingdom.

Question 7:The ring is under my power. I:
Am scared to look at it.
Feel connected to my ancestors.
Give it back to the proper bearer under his request.
Take it to Mordor despite temptation.
Observe the beautiful metal.

Question 8:Wring Wraiths:
Destroyers of the light.
Bring em on, Bring em on, Ahhh!!!!!
They used to be men. Great kings of men.
I could tell you their entire life stories.

Question 9:Orcs:
My sword...it-its blue!
They used to be like me...
Light is what they hate, I know firsthand.
Lets hunt em'!

Question 10:Beard:
Why yes, of course, in braids!!!!!!!!
Long and White.
Clean-Shaven. Always.

Question 11:Bows:
I have one, but I'm better at swords.
Taller than I am.
An elvish weapon??? I'd sooner die!!
I have magic to do long-range for me.

Question 12:Your Personality:

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