Which Lord of the Rings Character are you? (revised)
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Which Lord of the Rings Character are you? (revised)

Hey! for all you who took my last "Which LOTR Character are you?" quiz, that was a little off, making it so you were either Aragorn or Legolas, lol, which isn't necessarily bad.... Well find out now which LOTR Character you have the most in common with!

Question 1:Are you loyal?
I'm as self-centered as they come!
I'm pretty self-centered.
I can be pretty loyal, but I stick up for myself SOMETIMES.
I'm as loyal as they come!
I'm in the middle, loyalness and self-centeredness balance out.

Question 2:How tough are you?
Let’s just say I have sensitive skin...
Pretty gosh darn tough!
I'm average, a little tough, a little weak.
I'm as defenseless as a newborn baby!
I'm as thick and strong as they come!

Question 3:How's your hairstyle?
Mop of Dark Brown curls.
Long and blonde.( or short and blonde)
Wavy long brown.
Curly light brown, little scruffy.
What hair?The five or six little strands?

Question 4:Are you a leader or a follower?
More of a follower, but sometimes I take control.
The number one leader!
Average, little bit of a leader, little bit of a follower.
Follower all the way!
Little more of a leader, I usually take control, but step out of the way for the top dogs.

Question 5:Are you independent?
I live with my other self, how can I be independent?
Sometimes, but I'm usually with others.
Very independent! I could live by myself and be happy.
Pretty Independent, but I'd need others to get by.

Question 6:Are you a worry-wart?
MAJORLY! I worry about everything!
Average, when you're in the face of danger, you worry away!
No way! I can deal with anything!
Most of the time, but only for my own good.
Not really, I can deal with almost anything that comes my way.

Question 7:Do you have smooth moves?
I'm next to awesome, pretty sweeeeet!
I'm average, I got a few cool moves up my sleeve.
I'm as slick as a tiger!
I'm mostly a clutz, but I get by.
I'm as clumsy as they come!

Question 8:Are you good at dealing with things that come your way?
It's pretty hard sometimes, but I can deal.
I deal with almost everything that hits me!
I'm pretty sensitive, and sometimes I'm not sure if I pick the right way to go.
No! I usually fall to pieces!
Yep, I'm ready! Bring it on!

Question 9:What’s more your style?
A robe and some tough-lookin clothes.
Loose shirt, trousers, and I'm always with a pack of some kind.
A loin cloth.
Suspenders, trousers, and a necklace of somekind.
A nice tunic and some green tights.

Question 10:What’s the weapon of your choice?
A Dagger.
Bow and arrow.
A magical ring or trick of some sort to get me out.
My teeth or a fish.

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