Lord of the Rings Personality Test
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Lord of the Rings Personality Test

What Lord of the Rings Character are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:If you were fighting in an epic battle and, in the distance, you could see that your friend had just received a killing blow from his opponent would you:
run to him and stay with him until the bitter end
slowly slink away
ruthlessly attack his killer
go around killing as many enemies as you can
fire some arrows into the fray

Question 2:You have won a free meal of your choosing. Would you have:
mushrooms and ale
herbs and stewed rabbit
malt beer and ripe meat off the bone

Question 3:If you could live in your dream house would it be:
a small hole in the countryside
a castle
the depths of a cave
in a forest
somewhere deep underground

Question 4:If your friends were to describe you in one word would it be:

Question 5:You are in a duel to the death with your arch enemy but you may only use one weapon to fight him. Would you choose:
All I need is a lot of arrows and a bow
Fighting? No one said anything about that. I'd run away!
an ancient sword
a saucepan
a hefty axe

Question 6:You have been working for a long time without a break. Finally, you have been granted a day off. What would you do?
Enjoy the beauty of nature
Just give me a plot of land and the tools to garden
I must protect the helpless
I'd like to stalk short people and try to take their things.
I'll do anything that will make me richer

Question 7:It's your birthday and all your friends have pitched in to buy you a present. Would they give you:
something to remind you of them
nothing; nobody likes you
a dagger
a box of earth and a seed
a new bow

Question 8:You promised your friends that you would hang out with them during the afternoon but something came up that you need to do. Would you:
Friends? Who cares about them. I'll do whatever fits my needs
do whatever came up and apologize to your friends
go with your friends and accept the consequences
do whatever you want
do whatever is for the common good

Question 9:Your friend has been charged with a huge responsibility. Would you:
help him achieve his goal
Follow him half way through
ditch him
Take over his task because you're a control freak
let him do his own thing

Question 10:Last Question! If you were to be one of the races from The Lord of the Rings which would you be.
I'm very farsighted and have a great love for nature. I'm an elf.
I feel at home no where and I'm always filled with envy for others. I'm Gollum.
Give me gold and mithril and I forge it into things of beauty or weapons of destruction. I'm a dwarf.
I'm heroic and fearless. I'm proud to be a man.
Hairy feet, a simplistic lifestyle, and a love for food all describe me. I'm a hobbit at heart!

This Quiz has been designed by Samwise Gamgee.