Which Lord of the Rings character are YOU?
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Which Lord of the Rings character are YOU?

Who are YOU most like? Find out by doing this fun, exciting quiz!

Question 1:When you wake up in the morning do you
find yourself eating as soon as you wake up?
wait awhile before eating?
even THINK about breakfast?
go drink some water?
go kill a stag?

Question 2:After breakfast do you
eat some more food?
go for a run?
I usually skip breakfast.
go back to sleep?
go for a walk in the woods?

Question 3:When lunch comes around are you more inclined to
enjoy a quick snack?
order in some take-out?
cook up a big meal?
make some tea and eat a cake?
forget about lunch?

Question 4:After lunch, if you remembered it, do you
-I don't remember it.
go for a boat ride?
take a long nap?
sing a song?

Question 5:Afternoon tea is
nice, but I don't partake in it often.
too girly for me!
a necessity.
not an option, with my busy schedule.

Question 6:Before dinner, I like to
think about the past, and all that has happened in my life.
brush my hair.
wander around for a bit.
read a book.
sit around and drink some ale.

Question 7:Dinner is
a great feast, with wild boar and lots of ale!
not to be taken lightly, my friend.
just another scrumptious meal.
the only meal I eat in a day.
good when I have it.

Question 8:After dinner, I like to
have a long talk with my soulmate.
think about the next 24 hours without food.
have some quiet time to myself.
eat dessert.

Question 9:Before going to sleep, I
usually eat a bed-time snack.
brush my hair.
eat dinner.
-- I don't sleep.
wash my face-- don't want acne!

Question 10:The type of literature I usually read is
adventure stories.
--I don't read.
books that I, myself have written.

Question 11:What I think of the ONE RING--
I would help to see that it was destroyed.
I would not want to be near it, for it would only tempt me.
I would go to all costs to dispose of it.
the ONE RING?? What's that?
scary and foreboding.

Question 12:Of these, my favourite verse from the Lord of the Rings is
"The world was young, the mountains green, no stain on the moon was seen."
"When in the evening in the Shire was grey, his footsteps on the hill were heard, before the dawn he went away, on a journey long without a word."
"In joy thou hast lived. Beware of the Sea! If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore, thy heart shall rest in the forest no more."
"From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring!"
"I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew."

Question 13:You think the quest of the Ring is
something that must be done.
a great idea.
an adventure!
a good investment.

Question 14:My favourite type of trees tend to be
trees of silver and gold
oaks and poplars.
-- I don't favour any kind of tree.
tall, dark and mysterious.
the ones that can talk, and move.

Question 15:If you could go anywhere in Middle Earth, I would
go to Rivendell.
stay right where I am.
go to Lothlorién.
--I don't really care, I just want to have an adventure!
Go to the mines of Moria.

Question 16:I would describe my best friend as
an elf.
a human.
a hobbit.
an orc.
a dwarf.

Question 17:In appearance, I tend to
be tall and slender, with nice hair.
look short and weak, with messy hair.
be ugly.
be beautiful.
look dark and rugged, with messy hair.

Question 18:My favourite character in the Lord of the Rings, out of these, is

This Quiz has been designed by me and you.