Which Lord of the Rings Character are you?
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Which Lord of the Rings Character are you?

Elen Sila lumenn omentillo; Elvish for 'A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting'. Welcome to my quiz, where you'll find out which character from this amazing series you're most compatible with. So sit back and find your fantasy dream date.

Question 1:For your first date, where would your companion take you?
To roam around any of Middle-earth's finest forests.
Out to a bar for a drink and a rousing song or two.
To roam around, just to look at the landscaping.
A quiet evening with maybe some dancing afterwards.
To the riverside, where you would watch the calm ripples of the water.

Question 2:You've fallen in love, and you are to be wed. What do you and your fiancée decide for your wedding?
A huge party, where everyone in your town is invited, including your evil relatives.
A calming ceremony in the midst of the wilderness, with only you and the trees.
A huge party, where everyone in your town is invited.
A fancy, high-esteemed wedding with everything soft and graceful.
A midnight ceremony, with the stars lighting up the sky.

Question 3:What do you consider the most important meal of the day?
A good hunt, with an open fire spit and the fresh air surrounding you.
Eat? I don't eat...I don't need to eat.
Dinner, so you can be with the rest of your family.
Second breakfast!
A rousing night drink at the bar with all of your mates.

Question 4:When you just have to sing aloud, what is it that you sing?
An elegant hymn with nothing but the wind to accompany you.
A slurred, merry drinking song.
Sing? I don't sing...I just encourage people on their way.
A mournful Celtic tune, in memory of the lost loved ones.
A well-known tune, just to yourself mostly.

Question 5:How many children do you see in your future?
6 or more

Question 6:What is your favorite color?
Green--like the terrain of the earth.
Pale Blue--Like the stars that dot the humble sky.
Blue--a mellow color, that of the calming streams.
Maroon--a speechless, rich color that shows anxiety and patience.
Yellow--the color of the sun on a clear day.

Question 7:What's your favorite form of entertainment?
Yet another drinking song.
A Celtic band, with a tune that's easy to dance to.
Being with the one whom you love.
Watching the moon rise above.
Encouraging those whom are guests in your home.

Question 8:Your best friend is...
Kind and confused.
Comical and graceful.
To bear a Ring of Power is to be alone...
Honest and rustic.
Loyal and funny.

Question 9:Which color of eyes makes you melt into little pieces?
Glazed over green or blue.
A sweet, gorgeous baby blue.
Handsome and grey.
Whatever color reflects the moon.
A rich blue with an irresistible twinkle.

Question 10:What's your main goal in life?
To make people laugh and be merry! (not literally)
Who cares? You're stuck with a decision you don't want to make.
To prove that even the smallest person can change the course of the future...
To just be with the one you love.
To rid the world of evil while assisting everyone in their battles.

Question 11:What's your favorite type of movie?
Movies? I don't watch movies...

Question 12:What do you think of Legolas?
Fairly annoying, pushy, and ugly.
Not your type, but not bad.
I suppose we have to be nice to our kin...
Fairly annoying and extremely ugly.
Fairly annoying and ugly.

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