Which Frodo are you?
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Which Frodo are you?

Well? Which one are you? Are you the strong, angsty Frodo from the movie, who is willing to fight but seems to run every chance you get? Mayhaps you are the pretty much useless Frodo from the video games who just runs around screaming for help and getting in the way? Then again, you could be the strong Frodo, in the original form. Brave and feisty, sticking up for yourself and planning for the long haul? Well, lets see! (Based on the three forms of Fellowship of the Rings and some Two Towers stuff.)

Question 1:How did you spend the majority of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’?
Planning my clever departure, being found out, making my way through dangerous areas with some attempted battle and NOT BEING RESCUED BY ARWEN.
Running around with an arrow through my head because Aragorn got sick of me.
Holding the ring in a very meaningful way and flashing my big blue eyes at the camera.

Question 2:What did you do at Weathertop?
Dropped my sword, ran away screaming, allowing my friends to sacrifice themselves.
Standing bravely, calling out elvish names to the chagrin of the Ringwraiths.
Running around, generally in the way, and then going all shimmer-like instead of vanishing.

Question 3:Sam, how has he helped you?
Well, lets see...he was an informant to my friends who then joined me and ultimately almost died because of it, but still saved my butt.
I...I think he may have helped me in the beginning, but later on, I can’t seem to remember him being there.
Holy crap! I would not have ever gotten anywhere without my Sam! He even almost drowned because of me until I, wide-eyed, screamed and then pulled him out of it! Oh, I do so love being dramatic!

Question 4:Let’s move on, Tom Bombadil, who’s he?
Tom, Bombadil you say? Yeah, I know him, wasn’t he that guy who--wait, no, that was Barliman...
Tom? Sure I remember him! He lives in the old forest. Some strange kook with yellow boots. Gorgeous wife, though...
I think I remember picking lilies for him, and getting saved by him from a hobbit-eating tree or something like that...but maybe it was a dream.

Question 5:Farmer Maggot, you know him, right?
Wow, he was a big help! He took me and my buds in and gave us mushrooms! Oh the mushrooms!
Uh, not really...all I remember was a head on collision with Pip, and then shouting and a rather sharp looking scythe being waved above the corn stalks.
Maggot, he has a farm right? With wolf like dogs? Nope, don’t know him all THAT well.

Question 6:At the Prancing Pony.
Oh, dear, not that bit again. Sam? Did you tell them about my little number? Well, there was drinking involved, and a bit of singing and dancing. We’ll leave it at that.
I don’t particularly know, but I think Strider was out wandering the town, beating civilians and fighting or something like that...I think...
There was this really creepy guy with a ferret! And that cat, I think it was looking at me...but then Pippin wouldn’t shut up, so I had to stop him! Stupid ring.

Question 7:Did you meet any elves on your way to Rivendell?
Um...no, I don’t think so-- wait, maybe Arwen was there? Or no...I just can’t remember.
Well, there was Arwen, she saved me! Sam and I saw a handful of shiny elves marching on...
Yes, we did. There was a whole troop of them on the way to the Grey Havens. We had dinner together. And then Glorfindel lent me his horse. Nice guy.

Question 8:Elrond, Lord of Rivendell.
Quite the gracious host. He has one heck of a daughter, but she doesn’t say much.
Not exactly a cheerful fellow. More of a doomsayer, than anything.
Who’s he? Should I know him?

Question 9:Oh dear! Ringwraiths, what about them?
Wraiths? Bah! I’ll just drop my sword and run from them, thanks.

Question 10:Okay, truth be known, what are you?
A ring bearer, doomed to sacrifice my life to save the world. But hey! I get a good book and a trip to the Grey Havens for it.
Grr! I am a hobbit who can throw rocks and beat things with my stick of doom! MINIQU3STS PH34R M3!!!
A simply angsty hobbit with the largest blue eyes known to anyone. Ever.

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