Who are you most compatible with?
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Who are you most compatible with?

This is a test to see who you're most compatible with from LOTR.

Question 1:Where would you rather live?
in a tree
a castle
in the woods
in a mine
in a hill

Question 2:What would you like prefer to wear?
layers of armor and a helmet
pants a shirt, but no shoes
leather and armor
long flowing gowns
light clothing

Question 3:How do you wear your hair?
straight and wavy
long with a few braids
ear length and ratty
long and fair

Question 4:You're perfect getaway would be...
to the woods
to a pub
to the island in the East
to a remote castle
a mine

Question 5:How would you rather spend an evening?
with nature
gazing into the future
digging for gold
at home by the fire
in a war

Question 6:What would you do with a tree at your disposal?
plant it and make it grow
burn it
replant it and take care of it
make it into a door
make a nice pipe out of one of the branches

Question 7:Your rival is...
people who disturb the peace
the elves
the dwarves
anyone who steps in my path
the guy who stole my rake

Question 8:You're most likely to win an award for...
growing the best plant
beating the enemy in a war
the most gold found

Question 9:How do you deal with pressure?
go out to the woods by myself and think it over
start yelling at people
start attacking my friends
go psycho and turn momentarily evil
think of the best solution

Question 10:Your hands are...
smooth with long fingernails
rough from holding a sword
smooth and fair
a little grungy
filthy and worn

Question 11:What is your ideal weapon?
an axe
a sword
my mind
a bow

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