Which LotR character are you?
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Which LotR character are you?

This quiz was made up during a ten-hour long bus trip with my friend. It shows you which character from LOTR you are most like...

Question 1:Your favourite time of the day is:
waking up to brush my hair
feeding my power into that stupid hobbit
second breakfast and afternoon tee
orc killing time!
halfway between the words 'we' and 'should'

Question 2:Do you like Flibbert the Frog?
No… he's… too… hasty…
Yes – he's a good target for my next 'master'.
I'm not sure about him. He looks suspiciously like Saruman's minion.
Is he edible?
He has nice hair, but not as beautiful as mine!

Question 3:What is your favourite food?
Apples – good for throwing at brainless midgets.
Mmm… food! Yum!
Lembas bread – my culinary specialty.
'Living' creatures' souls.
I…don't… eat… I… drink…

Question 4:What/who is your best friend?
My sword for killing orcs – oops, I mean Arwen, of course.
My pots and pans for cooking taters
The… other… trees…
Nobody – I have power over them all!
My hairbrush and shampoo

Question 5:Are you gay?
Gay…? Hmm… sounds… like… orc… mischief… to… me…
My only love is power.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Arwen save me!
Yes. I am very happy.
Oh darling, how did – *looks around, embarrassed and puts on low voice* – no way mate!

Question 6:Which way to the moon?
I… have… no… interest… in… such… hasty… issues…
The moon looks like cheese!
Never see the moon – I'm always too busy ;) *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
Whichever way I want it to be!
The moon is glamorous – and so am I!

Question 7:What is your favourite colour?
All colours! I look great in any colour at all!
Greeeeeeeen! (And Brown!)
The colour of Mr. Frodo's eyes.
Red – the colour of fire and victory.
Indigo. It's pretty, like Arwen.

Question 8:Stripes or spots?
Spots. Stripes make me look fat.
What… the… hell…
Splodges. (especially lots of bloody splodges! )
Spots. They look like taters.
I am not bothered by such insignificant matters.

Question 9:What's your favourite TV show?
Pinky and the Brain, they like taking over the world.
Home shopping channel
That cooking show with Jamie Oliver.
NRL (Rugby league – football, not soccer)
Burke's Backyard

Question 10:If you were on a looong bus trip and stupid girls were ruining your favourite song with horrible singing, what would you do?
Stun them with my beauty
Start singing along. There's nothing like a good song.
Take over the bus and order them to shut up.
Steal Legolas' clothes and throw him (naked) onto the bus. *grins evilly*
Buses… are… too… hasty… for… me…

Question 11:"Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?"
No! McDonalds is the devil's food! It will ruin my figure!
McDonalds! MINE!!!
Yes please! I'll have a quarter pounder with extra cheese, a two large fries, a large chocolate milkshake, two extra cheeseburgers…
Do… you… have… fertilizer…?
What the hell is this 'food'?

Question 12:And the cows go…
Legolas is so gorgeous
Cows… are… evil… they… eat… my… friends…
Whatever I tell them to say

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