(LOTR) Which famous LOTR Orc Are You?

Take this test to find out which of the four most famous LOTR Orcs you are! I know they all seem the same, but trust me, there's a difference!

Question 1:   Just for the heck of it, which one is your favorite?

Question 2:   Do you enjoy "playing" with your captives?
I think so
Only if my Master allows me
I just want to get the mission done!

Question 3:   Do you work for Saruman, or Sauron?
Saruman of course!
Sauron. Who needs Saruman?
Who IS Saruman?
Sauron, though I hung out with those that worked with Saruman

Question 4:   Are you a captain?
You bet!
Yes and I deserve to be!
I think I am...
Yes, but the other guy keeps telling me how to do my job!

Question 5:   Do you know about the One Ring?
I think not.
*Gasp* Yes!
What one ring?

Question 6:   Are you a coward?
Yes, I suppose.
That depends
I'm more brave than a coward!

Question 7:   Do you know what a Hobbit is?
A what?
Of course I do!
No. Never heard of 'em.
Hobbit? You must mean Halfling!

Question 8:   Can you stand the sun?
It's always dark where I live.
I've never faced it, but I think so.

Question 9:   Do people follow your orders?
If they are under my command.
They better!

Question 10:   Are you a good fighter?
I sure of it.
I'm the greatest!
Not against some.
Every Orc has to be!

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