Which Lord of The Rings character are you?
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Which Lord of The Rings character are you?

Ever wondered whether you are a Merry or a Pippin a legolas or a Gimli? Well now's the time to find out...

Question 1:   Why are you on the quest to Mordor?
Ohhh follow the shiny gold ring...
To guide the ring bearer of course.
Aaahhh so that’s where we're going!
Can't be outdone by any pretty elf!
To show off my sword twirling, orc bashing, warg mashing skills.

Question 2:   What is your favourtie colour?
Something pretty like lilac or pink.
Is food a colour?

Question 3:   What is your best friend like?
Well about "this" high..curly brown hair...big feet, why have you seen him?

Question 4:   An army of Uruk-hai is running towards you what do you do?
Whip out my bow and kick some butt!
Where! Let me at 'em!
Well it depends if they have food or not.

Question 5:   And your weapon of choice is...
My sword, duh!
My new Lothlorien bow.
Nothing better than a good staff!
Don't need a weapon I have Sam...and...shiny...gold..ring...
Taste my axe pretty human!

Question 6:   What do you think of Frodo?
Coming Mister Frodo, sorry not now Frodo is calling me.
His eyes are big.
He was alright until he broke my carrot.
Stupid little twerp.

Question 7:   Describe yourself...
Er...3ft 8" curly brown hair...hairy feet.
Ruggedly handsome in a kingly sort of way.
White cloak, white hair, white beard...
Pretty, blonde, around 6ft, blue eyes...blah...blah...

Question 8:   What do you think of the ring?
Can you eat gold?
Pah, just a stupid bit of metal.
I like shiny...gold...pretty...bright.
Must resist...

Question 9:   I think Elrond is...
A girl.
Mr Smith's twin brother.

Question 10:   And lastly, give us a few lines of your favourite song...
Now I'm in the mood for food, glorious food...
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work we go...
I'm to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my sword...
I feel pretty, oh so pretty...
Your the one that I want...oh oh oh..precious...

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