What LOTR Character- Hero of helms deep are you?
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What LOTR Character- Hero of helms deep are you?

Do you want to find out what LOTR Hero of helms deep you are? Well take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   What is your ideal set of weapons?
A Sword
A Bow with a Sword
A bow with twin knives (2)
A sword with a knife
An Axe

Question 2:   Where do you come from?
Woods of Lorien

Question 3:   What would you describe you?
Royal, Brave, and a father
Brave and Sly, but is kind as well
Fast, Keen eye, and loyal to your leader
Small, Strong and Stubborn, but a good companion
Brave and Loyal to your friends

Question 4:   Orcs are climbing onto the walls you...
Shoot right when the Orcs get on the battlements
charge at the ladders
Run and push the ladders down
Your too busy planning the battle strategy out
Just kill as many Orcs as you can

Question 5:   Your friend is being attacked, you...
Get some men to save your friend
Go on a high wall and jump on him
Shoot him with your fancy bow skill
Run and stab the attacking Orc in the back
Charge at the attacker and tackle him to the ground

Question 6:   The Orcs start to charge at you, what do you do?
Try to kill as many Orcs as you can
Charge back at them
Shoot them with your bow
Go on your horse and charge with a spear
Stand your ground with your sword in hand

Question 7:   The Orcs have Theoden as a hostage, you...
think of a rescuing plan
Try going off a high wall and land on the Orcs
Charge at the Orcs
Shoot the Orcs with your bow
Your Theoden, Uh Oh

Question 8:   The Orcs have broken through helms deep, you...
Defend Helms Deep
Assist in the Gathering
Try to escape
Kill more Orcs
Gather the woman and children and help them escape

Question 9:   All hope is lost, how do you react?
Kill even more Orcs
You will protect the keep, with your life
Run in fury charging at everyone and everything
You fell ashamed, you let your kingdom down...
You have sorrow in your heart but will keep fighting

Question 10:   You know all hope is lost, what will you do, though whatever you do you will die...
Do what you’re ordered to do
Command your troops to charge
Listen and obey your king
Lead a charge
Try to kill every single Orc

This Quiz has been designed by Alex L..