Lord of the rings, who are you?
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Lord of the rings, who are you?

Lots of different tests, who are you in mine?

Question 1:   Weapon choice
Glowing dagger
Short sword
Staff and sword
Long sword

Question 2:   What is your opinion about Sauron?
Big evil lord
He's stopping me from being king!
He haunts my nightmares
Some strange guy we're supposed to give a hand, or is that kill?
Someone who wants to stop hairstraighteners from being made!

Question 3:   Gondor?
Some stupid rocky city
A good information centre
My home
I've seen it on maps

Question 4:   Who is Earendil?
An elven bloke
My girlfriend's granddad
A nice bloke who lent me his hair straighteners
My best friend's dad

Question 5:   What happened in the council of Elrond?
Now everyone know's I'm king, thanks to nancy elf
I have better fashion sense than most people here
Nothing much, I just ran in at the end with my best friend
I started a quest, go me!
Elrond's depressing, I like shouting at Boromir

Question 6:   Who's your best friend?
No one

Question 7:   What is you opinion of maps?
Can't get my head round them
Don't need maps, I've been everywhere
Will they mess up my hair? No? Well they're ok then
I love them
Got one built in, come with being a spirit thing in a past life

Question 8:   Why are you on this quest?
I'm going home
To give Aragorn some fashion and beauty tips
To die, but don't tell anyone that
Don't have a clue
I started it

Question 9:   Who is your true love?
Everyone loves me, but I don't love them
Too old
Got a elf princess
What? Be with someone who's prettier than me!
I'm a bit young for that aren't I?

Question 10:   What sport do you like best?
Don't like sport, nooooo we doesssn't preciousss
A drinking contest

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