Are you like Gollum?
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Are you like Gollum?

Are you tricksy? Do you think I am a wicked, nasty hobbit? Did you try to steal the ring from me? Is your name GOLLUM?

Question 1:   What is your gender?
I'm not sure.
I am not a GENDER, I am a SPECIES! Mine! My own! My precious...
I shall not tell you.

Question 2:   How do you eat your food?
Any way.
Nicely cooked.
Raw and wriggling!
I shall not tell you.

Question 3:   What do you normally wear?
Nothing. I streak.
A little loincloth
Mostly simple dresses; simple but elegant.
I shall not tell you.

Question 4:   What attracts you?
The One Ring... mmmm yesssss.... my precious...
Honor and glory.
I shall not tell you. You will never know.

Question 5:   What is your hair like?
Long, thick, and golden.
Some gray hairs poking out of my ears and nose.
I have only a few pieces left in long strings which are very slimy and greasy.
I have no hair on my head, but it grows out of the eye I am missing.
I shall not tell you. You do not need to know about my hair.

Question 6:   What are your hobbies?
Standing in the wind to let it blow my hair into my face, and trying to talk some sense into my uncle.
Sitting and thinking about my precious my precious is...
Sitting and thinking about a significant other.
Slitting my wrists and seeing how long I will last before I start to feel dizzy. So far I have 3 quarts of blood. It sits on my shelf in my room. I add to it every day.
I shall not tell you. Talk to the hand.

Question 7:   Have you ever seen someone who is dead?
Yes... I killed him myself...stupid, fat hobbit, not giving me the ring for my birthday...
Yeah, my brother Sam died.
Theoden's son.
Yes, they are piled in the corners of my room.
You should stop asking me these questions, as I am never going to tell you anything. I will remain strong!

Question 8:   What color are your eyes?
Brownish hazel.
I am missing one, but the other is black. The whole thing. With a white dot in the center.
Big... we hates light too.
Blue, and I hate light.
I shall not tell you. Ever. Stay away from me with your stupid questions.

Question 9:   What is your main diet?
Fish and chips.
My own blood.
Anything I choose to eat.
Fish... its a sweet juicy fish!
I will never tell you! God! Why do you keep asking me these dumb questions!

Question 10:   What do you fear?
Elven ropes...yess.. it burns us... nasty woven string...
Elves. They all look like girls.
My grandmother. I fear she will rise from the dead and run me over with a wheelchair if I drink any more of her blood.
A cage.
I don't want to talk to you no more, you, empty headed animal, food trough water! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt, like, elderberries!

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