Which LOTR Female Are You?
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Which LOTR Female Are You?

Yes, I know there are already ones like this, but I'm going to make it as different as possible. Find out which female you are! For girls only, unless you have a problem.

Question 1:   Which one is your favorite? (won't determine who you are.)

Question 2:   Do you like to fight?
Not at all.
I've never been in one.
No, but I could if I wanted.
Yes, I'm eager for battle.

Question 3:   Are you wise?
I'm old, so yes.
I'm not sure.
I'm too young.
Wiser than most.

Question 4:   Do you love someone?
I did...
I'm already married.

Question 5:   Are you pretty?
I'm fair.
I never thought about it.
Yes, but I don't boast.
For a young person.

Question 6:   Are you tough?
Not really.
Yes, but I never get the chance to prove it.
That depends...
I don't think so.

Question 7:   How do you travel?
I rarely travel.
By walking.
By horse of course!
I don't travel.

Question 8:   Do you live a long time?
Not compared to others.
Yes, very long.
I would be...
Sort of.

Question 9:   What color is your hair?
Long and dark.
Long and blonde.
Pale and shiny.
Short and dark.

Question 10:   If you were in a battle, you would most likely defend yourself by:
Using my plain old sword.
I would run!
Using magic.
Using my magical sword.

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