Which woman from Lord of the Rings are you.
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Which woman from Lord of the Rings are you.

Girls, if you have been wondering which woman from Lord of the rings you are, this is your kind of quiz.

Question 1:   What do you do with your free time?
I look at myself in the mirror.
I do stuff with my boy friend.
I hang out with my brothers and sisters.

Question 2:   What's your ideal man?
A strong, blond haired fighter.
A man very independent and noble.
Someone who's strong on the inside.

Question 3:   Would you rather participate in battle or not?
I would try to avoid it, but I would if I had to.
I would give council before a battle, but would not participate.
Yes, I would do what I have to to participate in battle.

Question 4:   What would your friends describe you as?
Independent and sweet.
Free spirited with a strong will.
Smart, peaceful and all-knowing.

Question 5:   What angers you?
When rumors are started about me.
When people make decisions for me.
When people mistreat me because of my gender.

Question 6:   What do you think about your father?
I don't talk about my father much.
I love my father vary much.
I like my father but he sometimes makes decisions for me.

Question 7:   What do you hear most?
Being without the person I love.
That the world will fall into shadow.
I fear a life sentence in jail.

Question 8:   How would you rather die?
I would like to die bravely.
With the people I love.

Question 9:   What kind of clothing do you wear?
I wear both boys and girls clothes.
I tend to get dressed up a lot.
I only wear traditional clothing.

Question 10:   What's your favorite subject in school?

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