What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 1
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What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 1

Are you stuck as a new soul on the Plaza, or just unsure if you picked the right kingdom? This test will help you find out!

Question 1:   What do you think of trees?
Best left as they are, to prosper and bring beauty
Useful for building with
Green things with leaves

Question 2:   How about caves?
To dark and enclosed for my liking
Home sweet home
A good shelter for short periods of time

Question 3:   Do you ride a horse?
Yes, but not by force. My horse will bear neither saddle nor bridle, he is too free-spirited
My most trusted companion is a horse
Of course not! I much prefer my own two feet.

Question 4:   What about......badgers?
Useless except for entertainment.
Oooooooh...badger badger badger badger badger badger badger....
*groans* Now you've done it, those crazy Rohirrim.....

Question 5:   And foo?
You've spelled it wrong!
An important part of elven society. Where would we be without foo?
Much to silly. Nothing gets done in the midst of such foolishness

Question 6:   The question every quiz must have to be complete: What is your favorite color?
Yellow, orange, or pink
Black, red, or grey
Green, gold, pr blue

Question 7:   Pick a number please:

Question 8:   Where do you wish you could always sleep?
In a cave
In the stables
In a tree

Question 9:   What unusual character does your Plaza name have?
My name doesn't have any special characters.
ë or é

Question 10:   How are you today?
Delightful, thank you for asking!

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