What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 2
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What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 2

Are you stuck as a new soul on the Plaza, or just unsure if you picked the right kingdom? This test will help you find out! The second in a series of three tests

Question 1:   What is one thing that you would never leave home without?
My staff
My clothes
My pipe

Question 2:   What are you most proud of?
My magical abilities
My smoke-ring blowing abilities
The lush, green color of my leaves

Question 3:   What is your favorite color out of these three?

Question 4:   How do you speak?
In riddles
Straight-forward and to the point

Question 5:   Why did you join the Plaza?
To spread my wisdom
To make some friends
To get away from the real world

Question 6:   Buggle.
I see.

Question 7:   Pick a number

Question 8:   What is the word you use the most?

Question 9:   How long will you live?
Until my work is done
Until life gets to boring and I fall asleep
Until I get to old to smoke my pipe--what's life without a good smoke?

Question 10:   If you spotted an orc, what would you do?
Step on it. Hoom!
Run away!
Cast a spell and blast it away

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