What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 3

Are you stuck as a new soul on the Plaza, or just unsure if you picked the right kingdom? This test will help you find out! The last in a series of three tests .

Question 1:   What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Hit the alarm clock
Eat an innocent baby animal
Polish my sword.

Question 2:   Are you evil?
I don't believe so...
You bet your little dead hobbit I am. *evil grin*
How dare you! Ever have I battle Saroun and his minions!

Question 3:   What is the last thing you do before falling asleep.
Eat an innocent baby animal
Ask my commanding officer for leave to depart
Brush my teeth

Question 4:   What do you eat for lunch?
Whatever the hunters bring in
Whatever mom got from the store
An innocent baby animal

Question 5:   Blank question.
*is confused*
*goes off to eat an innocent baby animal*
*leaves to find a better website*

Question 6:   How many meals do you have each day?
Three--Breakfast, lunchon and supper
Depends on how many innocent baby animals I caught
Why do you want to know?

Question 7:   What is your favorite kind of tree?
A dead one
Does it really matter?
A white one

Question 8:   What do you spend most of the day doing?
Eating innocent baby animals
Patrolling the city
Hanging with my friends

Question 9:   Orcs are stupid.
I agree.
*growls and pulls sword*

Question 10:   Last question.
NOW may I go back to my patrol?
*eats an innocent baby animal*

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